Haidilao Bedok Mall Singapore

Welcome to Haidilao at Bedok Mall, a well-known Chinese dining establishment. Our establishment, located at 311 New Upper Changi Road, 01-13, Singapore 467360, is well-known in Singapore. Its spacious setting comfortably accommodates over 250 patrons, making it an excellent choice for family and friend gatherings. At our vibrant location, you can experience the culinary delights and warm hospitality that define Haidilao.


Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao Bedok Mall include:

Original Mala Hot Pot

This is the signature hot pot broth at Haidilao, and it is made with a blend of chili peppers, spices, and herbs.

Signature Meal

This is a spicy hot pot soup made with chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and other spices.

Double-Flavor Soup Base

Fish curd is a type of tofu made from fish. It is a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine, especially in hot pot.

Sliced Pork Belly

Sliced pork belly is a popular hot pot ingredient that is known for its rich flavor and fatty texture. It is typically cooked until the fat renders and the meat is tender.

Chinese Bullfrog

The Chinese Bullfrog is a large, edible frog that is popular in Chinese cuisine. It is known for its tender meat and mild flavor.

Pork Meatball

These noodles are made fresh daily and are the perfect way to soak up the flavorful broth.

Haidilao Bedok Mall Singapore


311 New Upper Changi Road, 01-13 Bedok Mall, Singapore 467360

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 6:00 AM)

Emma YangEmma Yang
07:44 27 Mar 24
Cai Li service is fantastic and friendly. Totally recommend HDL bedok. 👍🏼
Sim Poh Chye MichaelSim Poh Chye Michael
06:22 27 Mar 24
Lin lin is having an excellent service
Mel TanMel Tan
05:47 27 Mar 24
Great experience as always, thanks to Ling Ling! 🙂
Khong SallyKhong Sally
04:22 27 Mar 24
Lin Lin provides great service. The free Chinese kopi was great too.
Lenny LaiLenny Lai
12:57 04 Mar 24
Excellent service, the food are so fresh, the staff are so friendly expecially sister name 字祖润, the manager 长辉,step up anytime when we need them.
Sylvia C.Sylvia C.
12:54 04 Mar 24
Manager, Alex very friendly, staffs very attentive.
Lily KhorLily Khor
12:46 04 Mar 24
Nice ambience, good service and food.@祖润Free Taylor Swifts photocards. 🙂
natasia neonatasia neo
11:14 04 Mar 24
All time favourite outlet to go , friendliest staff
Racheal LeowRacheal Leow
09:11 04 Mar 24
Excellent service by manicurist Lyn and SJ at bedok mall branch!! They provide exceptional service. They even provide friendship bracelet as well. Highly recommend to come here to look for their services
Harish Chand AryaHarish Chand Arya
11:11 14 Feb 24
Kate NgKate Ng
10:01 14 Feb 24
Good service from Zu run. Highly recommended.
gerald gohgerald goh
10:00 14 Feb 24
Great service from Zu Run
07:20 13 Feb 24
Was served by Lin Lin - great food and great service
Tan Hong YauTan Hong Yau
06:42 13 Feb 24
Love the foods here, so freshMeat, seafoods n veggiesWarm service
Live 2 EatLive 2 Eat
18:05 25 Jan 24
Love the Chinchow dessert and wide variety of fruits available.Would like to thank 香婛 (XiangJing) for being so friendly to us and making our dining experience exceptionally pleasant compared to other branches :)She is really nice and welcomes you with a genuine smile.
12:57 25 Jan 24
I visited on 25 Jan 2024 for dinner and was pleased to have been served by Yen Sheng and Kai Ting at our table. As the cleaning crew was cleaning the table next to us and sprayed the cleaning agent mist near us, we were not pleased and feedback to Kai Ting. She immediately responded by sharing with the cleaning crew. When the cleaning crew cleaned another table next to us, she reiterated to them again and this time, the cleaning crew took extra precaution in cleaning the next table near us. We were very pleased and really thankful to Kai Ting.The services rendered by them was really good. They refilled the pot promptly and checked in with us time to time to ensure everything went well. Kudos to the team! Thank You very much! And I look forward to visiting this outlet again!
Aralyn PangAralyn Pang
06:09 25 Jan 24
Got my nails done by Elly and she was rlly professional and friendly and suggested these nail design!!
Carl BacsCarl Bacs
08:55 22 Jan 24
Yummy foods!
Alivn TayAlivn Tay
13:22 20 Jan 24
cheekiest nandoscheekiest nandos
12:11 04 Jan 24
Had an excellent meal, and the free manicure done by Serene was wonderful as well! Props to her 🙂 10/10
Boon huat EeBoon huat Ee
18:27 28 Dec 23
John ChongJohn Chong
06:52 26 Dec 23
jia ying limjia ying lim
05:33 25 Dec 23
done by serene and lynn. we really like it!
Luna LLuna L
05:27 25 Dec 23
I would like to say thank you to your wonderful staff 林晟发,彩丽 ,莫素君 and Bedok Mall manager Andrew Huang 香鹏。 They are very cheerful and motivated in serving Haidilao customers. We are frequent customers of Haidilao Bedok branch. We choose Haidilao for most of our special occasions and celebrations of festive and happy moments. We do recognise your best staffs and crews which will make Haidilao brand up to the next higher level. Hope all of them can continue to excel and shine in Haidilao and other work places.
04:33 17 Dec 23
I love this place. Enjoy after intermittent fasting to enjoy all the stuff they provide with the broth.
10:06 16 Dec 23
Nice food, good service, when crowded quite hard to get attention of the service staff. When making payment, service staff didn't even give me mentos.Quite easy get a table. No long queue. Came here eat solo becos points are expiring. Very last minute inform me that the points are expiring. Please inform much earlier like 2 months in advance! Not 2 weeks.
tan cstan cs
08:49 16 Dec 23
Ze rouZe rou
06:39 16 Dec 23
Great, great, thanks lingling for your service!!It’s nice to have a free small cake for your best friend’s birthday.
kirishima miraikirishima mirai
06:38 16 Dec 23
I like the service here very much and will come here every time. Especially Miss Linlin is also very nice and gave us a lot of snacks and gifts.
Ivan ChuaIvan Chua
04:56 14 Nov 23
Service is always impeccable and the food is fresh and well prepared. Our kids are also well taken care of making parenting easier than any other restaurant. At Bedok Mall outlet, this is no exception. Our host, Lin Lin (琳琳), is an observant and warm host. Very detailed in her explanation of the various sauces and never ceased to make us feel welcome with whatever the outlet could offer. We'll definitely be back again. This outlet is amazing.
Jayden Koh Wei XuanJayden Koh Wei Xuan
05:02 13 Nov 23
Bedok Haidilao has one of the best service out of all the Haidilao's I have been to. I am a partner customer together with my acquittance, and they are extremely kind to us. and would often offer snacks and some tips to save some money on our total bill. truly enjoyed the experience there. i would recommend this outlet to others!!!
Elijah TanElijah Tan
11:46 24 Sep 23
Booked a table for 2 @ 530pm at the Hai Di Lao Restaurant in Bedok Mall as we know it was going to be packed. Thankfully, we did.We were super stoked to try out this place for the first time and we were buzzing with anticipation for an awesome dinner. One of their staff, Lan Lan, gave us the warmest welcome and took amazing care of us the whole time. Her unwavering dedication ensured that our needs were always met and exceeded. Thank you Lan Lan.They offered a diverse menu of ingredients and broths for hotpot, featuring an array of thinly sliced meats, seafood, fresh vegetables, and handmade noodles. For dinner, we had the chicken broth and tomato broth. Both were extremely flavorful, especially with the beef and pork cuts that we ordered.Their signature sauces and condiments created customised flavors, making it a flavourful and interactive dining experience for us.We also had such a blast trying out their delicious watermelon and tau huey! It was definitely the perfect way to end our dinner.
Rainie GreenRainie Green
16:41 21 Aug 23
First time try Haidilao in Singapore and everytime was great to me. After 45m queue, we picked Sichuan Pickle Hotpot and Tom Yum, we enjoy pickle hotpot rather than tom yum. Tom Yum was too much spicy for us ah. The minus was waiter couldnt speak English so she couldn't understand what we wanted and also didn't introduce us the buffet line
Sanketa SalunkeSanketa Salunke
09:07 02 Jun 23
Loved the hotpot experience at Haidilao, Bedok!We had always been curious about the hotpot dining but never really dared looking at cold meat cuts ? but mustered the courage when few of our vegetarian friends referred us to this restaurant. It was an absolutely unique experience for us and would definitely visit again to explore other items on their menu.Ambience - Cozy and welcoming.They had a box of wet wipes for cleaning phone, hair tag to tie hair, which is quite unique.Service - Outstanding....... when we told them that this is our first time for hotpot, they were kind enough to help with selection of soup bases to desserts. Moreover they were constantly checking if we needed any help, especially Sen Huat who was always around to help us.Also they offered some surprise goodie bag to our lil one and were kind to suggest kid friendly options.Food - We tried the tomato soup and tom yum soup, both excellent and worked for typical Indian pallet ?For meat and veggies, we ordered chicken, shrimps, potatoes, tofu and lettuce. It takes around 3 to 5 minutes for meat/vegetable to cook properly.We ordered kids set that had some quail eggs, wheat noodles, lettuce, mini sausages. We also ordered the fried rice which is bland and definitely kid friendly.We also ordered some nice strawberry cooler.As it was our first time, we couldn't explore the condiments section but it's totally worth trying and has range of options - Oyster sauce, fried soya bean, Thai chilli, chopped green toppings (chives, spring onions,celery) and fresh cut fruits.It's definitely delightful concept of letting the meat cook in these yummy broths and enjoy a meal together with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening and closing hours of Haidilao Bedok Mall?

Haidilao Bedok Mall is open from 11am to 11pm every day.

Is Haidilao Bedok Mall kid-friendly?<br />

Yes, Haidilao Bedok Mall is kid-friendly. We have a play area for kids, and chairs are available.

How do I get to Bedok Mall via public transportation?

Bedok Mall is conveniently accessible by public transportation. You can take the MRT to the Bedok MRT station, which is connected directly to the mall. Various bus routes also serve the area.


Haidilao at Bedok Mall entices with its delightful and affordable dining experience. We have a beloved choice for families and gatherings of friends, with a diverse menu and a host of amenities, promising memorable culinary moments for all. Come to our beloved establishment and savor the fusion of affordability and flavor.