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For foodies, our Hai Di Lao Menu and delicious dishes are more than a paradise. We warmly welcome you all to Haidilao Menu Singapore! We are excited to have you join us for a delicious and unique hotpot experience.

Haidilao Menu Singapore 2024

We always make sure you will enjoy our wide variety of hotpot ingredients, our attentive service, and our fun and lively atmosphere. The Haidilao Singapore Menu features a wide variety of hotpot dishes, including beef, pork, seafood, vegetables, noodles, and tofu. The hotpot broths are also varied and include Sichuan spicy broth, tomato broth, and mushroom broth.

Haidilao serves the following Haidilao Menu in different categories:

Haidilao Menu SG – Delivery Set Meal

Dishes Prices($)
Set Meal (1 Pax) (Half Portion) 94.8
Super Value Beef Combo A (2 Pax) 134.24
Super Value Pork Combo A (2 Pax) 134.24
Signature Meal (Half Portion) 100.15
Meat Combo (Half Portion) 60.59
Light Food Combo (Half Portion) 41.58
Super Value Beef Combo B (4 Pax) 150.88
Super Value Pork Combo B (4 Pax) 150.88


Haidilao Soup Base Price

Dishes Prices($)
Single-flavor Soup Base 0
Double-Flavor Soup Base 0


Haidilao SG Menu – Signature Dishes

Dishes Prices($)
Signature Mashed Shrimp Wah 14.85
Sliced Fish 11.29
Chicken Slices 8.32
HaiDiLao-Flavored Beef 11.88
Fresh Pig Brains 10.1
HaiDiLao-flavored Layered Beef Tripe 10.69
HaiDiLao-flavored Beef Tripe 10.69
Cheese Tofu 5.94
Fish Curd 5.94
Homemade Tofu Pudding 5.35


Haidilao Singapore Beef, Mutton & Meat Menu

Dishes Prices($)
Iberico Pork 14.26
Black Pork 14.26
Sliced U.S. Beef 16.63
Signature Beef 22.57
Sliced Pork Belly 11.88
U.S Wagyu Beef 35.64
Aussie Sliced Lamb Shoulder 14.26
Wagyu Japanese Beef 70.09
Pork Jowl 9.5


Haidilao Seafood

Dishes Prices($)
Fish Maw 9.5
Cod Fillet 16.04
Arctic Surf Clam 13.07
Chinese Bullfrog 7.13
Vannamei Shrimp 16.63
Frozen Scallops 23.76
Abalone 29.7
Golden Pomfret 26.14
Fresh Prawn 10.69
Clams 11.88


Haidilao Menu -Meatball & Mashed Meat

Dishes Prices($)
Mushroom Meatball 7.13
Pork Meatball 8.91
Handmade Fish Balls with Fish Roe 6.53
Fish Ball with Roe 鱼包鱼蛋 7.13


Haidilao Menu Price – Classic Hot Pot Dishes

Dishes Prices ($)
Quail Eggs 7.13
Crab Stick 5.94
Luncheon Meat 6.53
Pork Intestines 8.32
Mini Cheese Sausages 7.72
Fried Crispy Fish Skin 7.13
Pork Liver 5.94
Mini Sausage 5.35
Pork Stomach 9.5
Fish Roe Stuffed Beancurd 4.16
Fishball 5.94
Pork Kidney Slice 7.13


Haidilao Root Vegetables & Mushroom

Dishes Prices($)
Golden Enoki Mushroom 6.53
Rice Cakes with Cheese 4.75
Shiitake Mushrooms 4.16
King Oyster Mushrooms 5.94
Sweet Corn 4.75
Taro 5.35
White Radish 2.97
Kombu Seedling 4.75
Chinese Yam 4.16
Lotus Root 4.75
Black Fungus 4.16
Potato Slices 3.56
Winter Melon 2.97
Tender Tips of Bamboo Shoots 4.75
Asparagus Lettuce 4.75


Haidilao Singapore Vegetables Price

Dishes Prices($)
Chinese Cabbage 4.75
Spinach 4.75
Leaf Lettuce 4.75
Assorted Vegetable Platter 11.88


Haidilao Soybean & Flour Products

Dishes Prices($)
Fresh Tofu 3.56
Sweet Potato Noodles 4.75
Tofu Skin 4.75
Konjac Thread 5.35
Beancurd Sheet 4.75
Beancurd Roll 7.72
Thin Vermicelli 3.56


Haidilao Menu Singapore – Side Dishes

Dishes Prices($)
Instant Noodle 2.38
Meat & Chive Dumplings 4.75


Haidilao Menu SG – Condiment Price

Dishes Prices ($)
Sesame Sauce 4.75
Sesame Oil & Crushed Garlic 4.75
Soya Sauce 4.75
Fermented Bean Curd Sauce 4.75
Featured Chili Sauce 4.75


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Haidilao Halal in Singapore?

No, Haidilao Singapore is not halal. They serve pork and alcohol, which are not allowed under Islamic dietary laws.

How much is Haidilao Singapore?

Depending on what you order, a meal at Haidilao Singapore can cost anywhere between $45 and $55 per person. The price of the soup bases ranges from $14 to $16, while each serving of meat or seafood costs from $6 to $20. The average price of vegetables and side dishes is $3 to $5 per serving, making them more affordable.

Does Haidilao serve alcohol in Singapore?

Yes, alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, and liquor are served at Haidilao Singapore. For an additional $3 per person, they also offer a free flow option for their specialty beverages, winter melon tea and Liang Cha.

How to check haidilao points?

To check your Haidilao points in Singapore, you can follow these steps:
Go to any Haidilao restaurant in Singapore.
Ask for the PAD (Personal Area Device).
Log in to your account using your mobile number or email address.
Click on “Points Redeem” and then “My Points”.

Wong WYWong WY
17:51 18 May 24
Great service by Liang Xin Kang~ Very attentive and friendly. Highly recommend for Plaza Sing outlet!
06:40 16 May 24
Celebrated Mother’s Day at HDL Plaza Sing outlet- love the new concept of steaming, keep the fresh, sweet taste of seafood. The staff made a unique garlic-ky sauce to steam with the seafood, really yummy. We also steam corn, taste much nicer & sweeter than cooking in soup.- they provide a fruit platter and cake, and perform with a song for my mum 🥰Has been to different outlets of HDL…food has been fresh, service and staff are great. Please keep up the great work 👏👍
Melissa TanMelissa Tan
13:29 13 May 24
Had a great mother's day experience. Good and friendly service from the staffs even though they were really really busy. It was the first time bringing my mum there and she thoroughly enjoyed herself with the variety of free flow snacks, manicures and food! Thank you! will defo visit again.
Wee Keat LimWee Keat Lim
02:29 13 May 24
As a waiter at the Plaza Singapura branch of Haidilao Restaurant, Zhang Xuerong showed an unforgettable service spirit. She always greets every customer with a smile and earns our admiration with her warm smile and professional attitude. Zhang Xuerong not only enthusiastically introduced us to the various food options on the menu, but also patiently answered our questions and made us feel at home.Her service was also very efficient, serving us promptly and making sure our needs were met. Her passion and sense of responsibility in her work made our dining experience even more enjoyable and smooth. With the help of Zhang Xuerong, we had a pleasant and unforgettable dining experience.Overall, Zhang Xuerong is an excellent waiter who provides excellent service to Haidilao restaurant customers with her professionalism and cordial attitude. We sincerely thank her for her hard work and dedication, and look forward to visiting Haidilao again and meeting her again.
Ling LongLing Long
13:19 12 May 24
Been to HDL many times and I can say PS outlet provided the best service and arrangement, thanks to Wilson and Adam. We will definitely come back for more. They also have really handsome manager as reviewed by many, we are lucky to have him danced "Ke mu san" for us! There are also "变脸" performance! We really had a great dining experience and enjoyable dinner here. Great job to the team and management at PS outlet!
Priyank SharmaPriyank Sharma
08:56 12 Mar 24
Haidilao chains serve the best authentic hotpots in the city. The taste reminds me of Beijing – when it used to be a second home. Staff here is very courteous and attentive. Try the super spicy variant and you will be in for a ride.
Priyank SharmaPriyank Sharma
08:56 12 Mar 24
Haidilao chains serve the best authentic hotpots in the city. The taste reminds me of Beijing – when it used to be a second home. Staff here is very courteous and attentive. Try the super spicy variant and you will be in for a ride.
Ryanlizana CelineRyanlizana Celine
15:57 08 Mar 24
Jia Yang brightened up the restaurant with his enthusiasm and efficiency. The effort he put in to provide elevated customer service is top notched. Not only was he attentive to our preferences, he went the extra mile to ensure all our requests were met with an enchanting smile on his face . Thank you Jia Yang for being the cherry on top of our date night .
Ryanlizana CelineRyanlizana Celine
15:57 08 Mar 24
Jia Yang brightened up the restaurant with his enthusiasm and efficiency. The effort he put in to provide elevated customer service is top notched. Not only was he attentive to our preferences, he went the extra mile to ensure all our requests were met with an enchanting smile on his face . Thank you Jia Yang for being the cherry on top of our date night .
Eric GohEric Goh
09:30 04 Mar 24
Eric GohEric Goh
09:30 04 Mar 24
Adrienne LuangAdrienne Luang
07:00 04 Mar 24
my first experience at hdl was very good! the place was very nice and clean, not noisy at all, with a nice view. the staff let us change to window seats. our server was jayson, and he danced for us the hdl dance, and gave us a toy when we said both secret password codes. please give him a pay raise as we were very pleased with his service! his dancing was also rly good
Adrienne LuangAdrienne Luang
07:00 04 Mar 24
my first experience at hdl was very good! the place was very nice and clean, not noisy at all, with a nice view. the staff let us change to window seats. our server was jayson, and he danced for us the hdl dance, and gave us a toy when we said both secret password codes. please give him a pay raise as we were very pleased with his service! his dancing was also rly good
Yuki XinYuki Xin
15:00 02 Mar 24
We had the best dinner in Plaza Singapura HDL, and I want to give a huge shout-out to Aaron! Even though he wasn't feeling well, he took care of everything we needed. Plus, another staff who danced more than five times during our dinner, showing how dedicated the team in providing great services to customers. A big thumbs up to the awesome staff at HDL in Plaza Singapura for making our night so fantastic!
Yuki XinYuki Xin
15:00 02 Mar 24
We had the best dinner in Plaza Singapura HDL, and I want to give a huge shout-out to Aaron! Even though he wasn't feeling well, he took care of everything we needed. Plus, another staff who danced more than five times during our dinner, showing how dedicated the team in providing great services to customers. A big thumbs up to the awesome staff at HDL in Plaza Singapura for making our night so fantastic!
Jason LeeJason Lee
01:14 23 Feb 24
Hai Di Lao. You pay for the service and the entertainment - noodle dance, ke mu san, face changing entertainment while you dine.
Ng TsNg Ts
13:01 22 Feb 24
Thank you Aaron. Plaza Singapura. He is so kind and diligent!! Such a great and potential staff! Excellent in service and great smile. Very very attentive and alert his surroundings.Wonderful experience in Plaza Singapura.So honest and enjoyed in CNY Eve!!! You deserved our compliment!!
Chanel WeeChanel Wee
04:56 20 Feb 24
I recently visited the Haidilao branch in Plaza Sing and I must say, the customer service was exceptional! I wanted to give a special shout-out to the staff members, Sharon and the Frog Dancer. Their warm hospitality and dedication to ensuring a memorable dining experience truly impressed me. I wanted to express my gratitude for their efforts. Keep up the great work, Haidilao Plaza Sing!
Ashleigh KuehAshleigh Kueh
17:29 19 Feb 24
Very good team work :)Excellent performances from 变脸魔术 to Live singing to enthusiastic & interactive Frog mascot that entertains us to birthday celebrations to dancing 科目三 tgt…We really had lots of fun!The atmosphere is no doubt the best out of the other haidilao outlets we have dined at 🙂
Pangtze SiaPangtze Sia
10:22 19 Feb 24
Food is average. The water quality is very tasty
Dan MoroghDan Morogh
05:47 01 Feb 24
Food here is nice. Service is good.
Karmun ChongKarmun Chong
13:05 31 Jan 24
Went to this branch for dinner. The service is good, especially Aaron and Adam have provided excellent services. Really enjoy my dinner here. Will definitely go back again.
chua jian pingchua jian ping
05:47 31 Jan 24
Food and service is great. Live singing every Monday but can get a little loud if you are looking for a place to chat with friends.
Kasey TangKasey Tang
04:04 31 Jan 24
had dinner last night on 30 Jan, the staffs were all super friendly and entertaining. I’d say it was the best hdl session i ever had. Made so much effort to sing the birthday song for my friend and dance 科目3.
Hooi OngHooi Ong
10:27 29 Jan 24
Last night, we held a dinner for middle school students at Plaza Singapora Haidilao. The waiters were very friendly and provided us with excellent service. Thank you to the waiters who helped us skip subject 3, sang happy birthday, pulled ramen noodles and prepared fish rolls for us. We had a lot of fun chatting/playing there. ❤️
Joy ChuaJoy Chua
19:09 13 Jan 24
We were served by John who was very passionate about letting us know about the current offers and discount. He was attentive and regularly checked in with us. Another server, Darren who was not even in our zone but he made the effort to come and seranade us. REALLY THE BEST HDL OUTLET I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!
suet yinsuet yin
14:35 12 Jan 24
Miss Jingxuan’s service is very good! !Thank you✨
Clarkson LewClarkson Lew
05:31 12 Jan 24
yvonne yannyvonne yann
15:48 09 Jan 24
Aaron and 雪蓉They were providing very professional service and patience to us. Really appreciate on they services and will come back for them. Thank you HAIDILAO plaza Singapura.
14:32 07 Jan 24
very good service with Jia Yang and Darren. handsome superrrr nice ❤
Chew Win KaiChew Win Kai
07:22 25 Dec 23
16:12 24 Dec 23
11:55 24 Dec 23
Visited HDL Plaza Sing today and attended by staff name Jia Yang. He very helpful and friendly. Thanks for good service!
01:33 24 Dec 23
The option of the ingredients has greatly reduced compared to my visit pre-pandemic. I made a reservation days in advance for Friday 9.30pm. I arrived earlier HDL at 9.11pm. Of coz I wasn't expecting to be seated immediately. And I was told to wait for 45mins to an hour. Which I thought maximum, I will be seated at the table by 10pm. But no, I only managed to get a table at 10.15pm. Which to me is ridiculous, what is the point of making early reservation when I still have to wait for so long. I followed up a few times in between and was told that the guests have finished the food and they are clearing up. But later told us that the guests are chatting. And they cannot get them to leave. Seriously, nowadays many restaurants have dining limitation. Besides when the guests have finished the food, why can't HDL invite them to leave? Makes no biz sense. I even told the HDL staff that dinner will become supper. Does it means that I should make a reservation at 8pm and turn up at 9pm to decrease my waiting time?To be fair, we received this Xmas gift. We are appreciative.However, to me honouring the reservation in a timely manner is more important to me. Imagine if you are going with a big group for some celebration and have to wait long time.Wouldn't be my first choice for hotpot next time.
16:51 23 Dec 23
J ChangJ Chang
15:38 03 Dec 23
Thank you Darren for your service attitude | patient, careful and observant.HDL Plazas is our first choice every time our friends make appointments, and we strongly recommend our friends to come here. Although the food at HDL is the same, the service and attitude are different.Thank you for your service. See you next time!Darren. Awesome!
Arun SankarArun Sankar
14:09 03 Dec 23
Great tasty soups and awesome collection of menus. Great VFM!!! With free time killers like Manicure and art is really awesome
Shane LimShane Lim
06:25 03 Dec 23
HLing ChewHLing Chew
12:54 02 Dec 23
Dining Experience is really enjoyable. Was sitting at table 32, serviced by Aaron Leong (plaza singapura). He is really Swift and quick in action. My fav part of today’s experience was, he walked table to table to apologise for the “noise pollution” created by another table within my premises, and obviously it wasnt something he can control too. Lotsa thanks to Aaron for the pleasant dining experience 🙂
Pei Yuan TiangPei Yuan Tiang
12:46 02 Dec 23
Extremely rude to my girlfriend, stating that she should eat the food (which was already rejected by another friend for being inedible)Terrible service.
Earoel KennedyEaroel Kennedy
16:40 20 Nov 23
We usually find this location has the best services. Generally speaking Haidilao has better services compare to the other hotpot restaurants.They usually able to accommodate us during the week without reservations, but of course reservations are recommended.Their tomato soup base is the best among all the other hotpot places such as Beauty in the Pot in our opinion.Their Bai Yu soup base is also great for those like the collagen soup.They also refill with the original broths of your choices so, you don’t lose the flavours.
Baby TohBaby Toh
02:44 18 Oct 23
Your attentive services have made our hotpot experience a truly delightful and memorable. Moreover, Adam had went beyond and above our expectations in setting up the bday decorations. He went to get roses (on his own expense) to complement our existing decorations so as to ensure that the birthday celebration was a successful one! Really a big thank you to you guys for making this day remarkable!! Keep it up!
Pauline YoongPauline Yoong
11:03 20 Aug 23
Honestly I think HDL is over hyped. I didn’t find anything special other than that the service was really good. We had a guy serving our table and I was say he’s really very attentive to us. Other than that the food was ok. I had better ones in China. This is really a very expensive over rated hot pot.
Kevin TanKevin Tan
08:45 16 Jun 23
Hai Di Lao has never failed to impress! Service and food were excellent! We didn’t have to wait too long for a nice booth seat too! Really enjoyed everything, including the sauces and the desserts available! Will keep coming back! Tomato soup was really good! It was my first time trying it!
Mark Family TreeMark Family Tree
18:33 23 May 23
The food was excellent, with a large and tasty variety to choose from. The service was spectacular. They gave me free juice for my first visit. They gave my wife a free platter because she is an obvious expecting mother. The staff there are very friendly, polite and helpful. The prices are very reasonable. Everything else around was closed and we were hungry. They are open late until 4AM. I'll say it again, the food was excellent. There is a large variety to choose from. Our meals were delicious. The service was perfect. They gave us a couple of complimentary food items because my wife is obviously expecting and they gave me a free drink for my first visit. Everything was very reasonably priced. Open late, great tasting, low priced, friendly staff, clean, quiet and cozy. I'm definitely going back.
Xavier SimXavier Sim
07:21 20 May 24
xiao qi tanxiao qi tan
04:25 20 May 24
Thank you to all the staff, especially to the manicurist AMANDA. I really like the service🥰I received the fafa from Haidilao today🌷🫶🏼Thank you🫣
Jennifer LooJennifer Loo
12:15 19 May 24
Haiyan's service is attentive and thoughtful. Made our dining experience even more enjoyable thanks to her warmth and professionalism.
Naughtygal AliceNaughtygal Alice
05:58 19 May 24
Nice food and good service from Fu HaiYan.
Miranda ZhangMiranda Zhang
05:58 19 May 24
Ms Fu Hai Yen’s service is impeccable!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻thank you for cheering for my friend birthday!
Connie KohConnie Koh
13:04 08 Mar 24
I went there with my friend and was being served by Xue Ting at Vivo City outlet. She was really patient and nice. Her service is very good as well! Thank you so much for your service Xue Ting! ☺️
Astoria KingAstoria King
14:34 06 Mar 24
Haidilao food is amazing as usual! Special shoutout to Ms XueTing, her attentiveness and excellent services are exceptional and commendable! We will definitely come back again!
10:46 06 Mar 24
Kudos to the following staff: Ying Yi, Xin Ying, Yu Le, Rou Xuan, Serene (Manicurist) all so friendly and very attentive to their customer's needs. Plus free gel manicure in Vivo City Branch but cut off timing is 830pm as last service until 9pm 🙂
Jessy LeeJessy Lee
13:48 05 Mar 24
Our waitress Fu Haiyan is super amicable. She even gave me Taylor Swift cards when she found out I had the concert ticket!!!
Chun Kiat KohChun Kiat Koh
11:42 05 Mar 24
I always have pleasant experiences with vivo branch, but I have to give special credit for Ms Zhang Jun from vivo branch for my visit today. She really provide above excellent service during my dinner and go extra miles to take care our needs. Kudos to Ms Zhang Jun, definitely will visit and look for her again 👍🏼👍🏼
05:45 21 Feb 24
Sister Xuejing’s service attitude is very enthusiastic
camellia yecamellia ye
05:44 21 Feb 24
Sister Xuejing is very gentle and enthusiastic. She picked me up as soon as she came in. When I eat, I only move my mouth. Thank you, Sister Xuejing~Happy New Year
Gayle LauGayle Lau
05:34 21 Feb 24
Cheng Xiang was a great server
Shun Ying LuarShun Ying Luar
05:33 21 Feb 24
Excellent service by our waitress Chen Xiang who was attentive to our needs and provided us a with a memorable birthday celebration experience.
05:33 21 Feb 24
Great experience and 陈香 was very attentive to our table. Will definitely come back to this branch again!
14:10 29 Jan 24
Husband and I was watching Arthars on twitch stream eat hotpot so naturally we wanted to eat hotpot as well. We misread the 20% discount as it is only Sun to Thurs but we went on Sat (oopsy).Overall not our first time visiting Haidilao and we were glad service was still excellent despite the late night orders.I would like to come back again next time.
Rohit TolaniRohit Tolani
07:46 28 Jan 24
13:50 26 Jan 24
Having explored various Hdl stores, it became clear that the Hdl in VivoCity stands out as the epitome of excellence. Our server, Sun, left an indelible impression with his exceptional friendliness and attentive service, addressing our requests and answering our menu inquiries with remarkable diligence. He went the extra mile, proactively refilling our soup and drinks without any prompting. Additionally, Sun ensured our dining table remained uncluttered by promptly clearing empty plates and used tissues, creating a sparkling clean and neat dining environment.On the occasion of my birthday, Sun not only presented a delightful cake and fruit plate but also graciously allowed us to sample a variety of desserts. To cap off the experience, as a delightful surprise before our departure, he generously gifted us an array of snacks, turning my birthday celebration into a truly memorable and special experience.It was truly an honor to dine at Hdl in VivoCity, and I am sincerely grateful to have had Sun as our server. Despite residing in the west, my friends and I are committed to visiting VivoCity solely to check on him and see how he is doing.
eileen yeoeileen yeo
11:38 26 Jan 24
Yingyi's service attitude is great!
jasper tehjasper teh
11:37 26 Jan 24
Yingyi provided excellent service throughout our meal.
meilin dongmeilin dong
11:53 11 Jan 24
HUA PING is very gentle, friendly and takes good care of us!DING YAO is a gentleman and has a great attitude!Today is a very happy dining experience! Thank you Hua Ping😍😍
11:48 10 Jan 24
Today, Hongyan has been serving us warmly and kindly, and she also prepared us very carefully for our birthday celebration! Very happy! Thank you Hongyan for your service
Alan ChuAlan Chu
12:22 09 Jan 24
Love Haidilao. Jia Lu was our server for the night, straddling multiple tables + fussing babies but was THE BEST. It was only her 9th day working there too - thank you for yet another wonderful time at Haidilao!
ethan leeethan lee
12:01 08 Jan 24
Always solid
Lionel SimLionel Sim
04:32 07 Jan 24
One of the outlets where atmosphere is nice. Service quality always top notch 👍
Dr.Chumi BhattaDr.Chumi Bhatta
19:14 22 Dec 23
Eliza TanEliza Tan
11:42 22 Dec 23
Great service experience as one of the best among all other store. Staff was very attentive and even I came on a very busy day. Attentive and lively environment to dine in.
17:32 20 Dec 23
Patronised most outlets in east and central for midnight service. Vivo is the only branch that is below par in both food quality, preparation and service. The broth is over diluted that “adding on” a layer is not even enough. The Irish beef which was a special was also tough and rubbery.
Chin Lam OngChin Lam Ong
14:28 20 Dec 23
Leslie GohLeslie Goh
01:32 27 Nov 23
Zee KZee K
15:40 26 Nov 23
as usual HDL Service is good but today the server waiting on our table is exceptional.Lin Jia Sheng, he don't give us any chance to ask for a refill. He is so attentive and always top up before we have to ask for a refill.Attentive and not intrusive.GIVE THE MAN A RAISE. ?The server after him was also not bad but he only served us for 15 mins before we left.WEI BIN, GIVE THE MAN A DAY OFF.
Ashley KongAshley Kong
11:56 26 Nov 23
Top notch service from Ying Yee! Keep it up!
Stephana KhewStephana Khew
15:57 24 Nov 23
So so happy to get this in HDL at VivoCity! Must compliment to the team especially Zheng Ting for good service and giving us such the great experience in HDL. Thank you! Definitely will go back soon. Very happy and enjoyed the meal!
Jia ShiJia Shi
14:08 24 Nov 23
Staff were very friendly and gave gifts 🙂 special mentions to our friendly server who brought us a special gift Zheng Ting.
Patrick AngPatrick Ang
12:38 09 Oct 23
The food as usual was wonderful. The staff are very detailed and attends to us when we need help. In particular, Hong Yan is one of the most hospitable staff around. We enjoyed her presence. Thanks once again for making this HDL experience one of the best I had!
Kaihang JiKaihang Ji
04:32 27 Sep 23
An unparalleled hotpot experience. From their impeccable service to the flavorful broths and high-quality ingredients, every visit is memorable. The attentive staff and unique interactive experiences, like the noodle dance, make it more than just a meal — it’s a delightful spectacle.
06:39 23 Sep 23
Very family-friendly hotpot place. The fish tofu, mala soup base, fish slice and xia hua are yummy. ??? the mala mushroom and dumplings are awesome too. ??? thanks for the free toy car too.???
11:33 05 Sep 23
Back here again after few years, but the broth is not as delicious as the first time I ate here (few years ago).Service is the best of all, if I have 10 starts I could give 10 stars for the service ✨
ZX TanZX Tan
14:53 02 Aug 23
Nice ambience in this outlet with a good view of Sentosa. The fried fish and tomato soup base were both very flavourful. Service standard here is also amazing as always. The tofu beancurd here is also very good and better than most you can get at other stores. Amazing experience here and will definitely be back!
Leon ChuaLeon Chua
01:36 16 May 24
Excellent service by Zhi Xuan for our dining at HDL! Very attentive staff as well, gave us warm welcome and farewell. Also cute birthday celebrations and performances!
Pih-Lin TanPih-Lin Tan
15:42 15 May 24
Pleasantly surprised by the experience.
Jeffrey KwokJeffrey Kwok
13:24 12 May 24
陈怡 attended to us. A hardworking, attentive and thoughtful staff.
11:41 12 May 24
18:32 11 May 24
edwin kohedwin koh
13:14 06 Mar 24
Nice food and atmosphere. Good sevice by the deputy manager. Keep it up
Shupin LiShupin Li
16:28 04 Mar 24
Yunnie YunnieYunnie Yunnie
08:26 04 Mar 24
Food is good and service is good. Just the waiting time is really long and a little bit too much people
Nicole TanNicole Tan
06:53 03 Mar 24
Always a great experience at HDL, never had any poor experience before even in other outlets.Salute them for their food and service consistency.Found their broth to be getting more healthy, tastes less salty and Chemical laden. Hope they can make their soup less oily and salty.
rodney alejandrorodney alejandro
22:30 02 Mar 24
Great place for a group gathering and sharing of a meal. Service was very attentive and the robots bring the dishes in a timely manner. So much going on here all the senses are awakened. One of the best parts is making your own dipping sauce to go with the meal.
chin yong Lowchin yong Low
02:10 20 Feb 24
Haidilao impresses with exceptionally trained, polite staff, ensuring top-notch service and food quality. The vibrant, theme park-like atmosphere adds fun, especially popular among birthday celebrants. Ideal for travelers and diners seeking an entertaining, professional dining experience that goes beyond just a meal.
Lenny GaoLenny Gao
11:11 13 Feb 24
As regular customers, Marina Square outlet is the one we have visited the most. The food , Sevice and Atmosphere are all great. One of the staff, 刘艺雯,impressed me the most. She is always with a smiling face. Her service is really good, can present the standard of HDL.My wife and I will definitely visit more.
David MarkDavid Mark
11:48 12 Feb 24
I’m not a hotpot guy but I’m impressed by this place. Food and service was excellent. Highly recommend to all.
Xian WeiXian Wei
12:53 10 Feb 24
Xiaoxiao's service is very good, thank you
10:16 09 Feb 24
Terrible coordination for Lunar New Year's eve. No proper queue regardless of reservation or walk in. A messy state. It is acceptable if they don't take reservation. Its a case of over promise and under deliver.
Siling LimSiling Lim
15:28 27 Jan 24
Awesome👏🏻I will come every day
Zhe SyuenZhe Syuen
02:52 25 Jan 24
Have always loved Haidilao and their service but yesterday was the worse attitude I’ve seen. Went in at 1130pm with a group of 7. The restaurant wasn’t crowded and there were empty tables but the server kept pushing for us to get the big table with two different pots. Have made it clear to them that we are fine with sitting in a round table but the server still wasn’t keen to change the table for us. Instead, she offered to give a free quarter soup base and later changed to a $10 voucher. Again, we requested for a round table with just ONE pot, she then had an annoyed-tone and unwillingly changed the table for us. The rest of the night just went downhill, our server attended to all the other tables except for us. We had to even get ourselves an empty bowl to scoop out the foam from the towering soup bases. They have spoilt the excellent Haidilao service standards.
Marcus LimMarcus Lim
17:19 24 Jan 24
To a Marina Square Hai Di Lao staff named Ah Yen, which is very helpful, 有求必应 very attentive, pretty and is a very sweet girl !
kat floreskat flores
11:45 08 Jan 24
小斌 - provide superb service level! will definitely come back!
Jacky SeeJacky See
15:11 05 Jan 24
May LeongMay Leong
03:21 05 Jan 24
I was served by Ms Wu Shaomei during my recent visit to Haidilao. The outstanding level of service I received deserves special recognition.Shaomei exhibited professionalism, attentiveness, and a genuine passion for her work. Her warm and friendly demeanor created a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the overall dining experience. Her attention to detail and proactive approach to ensuring my dining needs were met were commendable. Shaomei is undoubtedly an asset to your team.A big thank you to all the other staff as well who have maintained a standard of excellence. I look forward to returning to your restaurant and experiencing the high level of hospitality that they exemplified.
Michelle YapMichelle Yap
14:24 04 Jan 24
10:44 04 Jan 24
Food was great as usual. Service was a little lackluster and not the usual HDL service, I think staff are no longer as proactive. No one offered to scoop the scum out of the soup during our 2 hours there, we were doing it ourselves. Instructions on the amount of time required to cook was mentioned in a hurry each time.
enuj Lohenuj Loh
17:29 20 Dec 23
We dined in early this evening and was served by Chris Chung Wai. We are very impressed with his service. He is extremely professional and know how to retain customers' loyalty by his professionalism in service. He checked on our table periodically and asked each time he came by if he could bring us the bean curd and served us fruits without asking even though we could have helped ourselves from the buffet table. It was his attention shown even though the tables in our section was full occupied. I noticed he treated all the guests with the same exceptional service and my wanting to compliment him is because he is well deserved to be highlighted to the management. I believe in giving compliments when due.
Nat natNat nat
08:02 19 Dec 23
We went on an especially crowded night, but the staff were so well-prepared! Do ask for the free sudoku puzzle to complete while you wait; if you complete it before your table is called you get a voucher! The dining space was lively and full of performances by the incredible staff. They were also super attentive to our table as we dined, without intruding on our experience too much. Hai Di Lao service is truly on its own level!🥰❤️Definitely try this sauce combination!beef sauce + fried onions + minced onions + sesame oil + (a little) soya sauce
Karl MaussnerKarl Maussner
14:08 18 Dec 23
Another perfect fun pot @ Haidilao
Bing Xuan HonBing Xuan Hon
11:10 17 Dec 23
05:44 15 Dec 23
very polite and welcoming service.
Ning DiNing Di
08:23 26 Nov 23
Thank you manicurist Jess!
Michael SMichael S
06:47 26 Nov 23
Angelia HingAngelia Hing
12:44 25 Nov 23
JC who helped to do my manicure has the best service! Will def be back and hope she will be around the next time!!! 🙂
Yan Shin SamYan Shin Sam
11:07 24 Nov 23
Good manicure service from JC! Thank you:)
Eric TanEric Tan
10:47 24 Nov 23
audrey tannaudrey tann
09:21 24 Nov 23
JC, was really nice and friendly!
Hong XuanHong Xuan
08:15 23 Nov 23
JC, my manicurist, is incredibly meticulous, kind, and attentive. I appreciate this location for its quiet atmosphere, which sets it apart from busier outlets.
Aloysius HoAloysius Ho
21:33 20 Nov 23
Jing Yu is very cheerful. My supper was such a delight with her presence. No wonder she is able to become a manager at such a young age. kudos to the management for having such good eyes.
Abraham LeeAbraham Lee
15:33 24 Oct 23
First time at this outlet and we went with a rather large group and managed to get the private room which came with several interesting tech features. Service was good as per HDLs standards. There was also an interesting costume performance halfway through the night which was an entertaining plus.
Yeong AngelineYeong Angeline
09:25 21 Oct 23
I would like to complement on your staff 彭子萱 who worked in Marina Square branch. We were served by her and her serving towards us are good, excellent and helpful at all times. Thank you very much. She is a good and talented staff for your company.
Shmily TanShmily Tan
14:48 27 Sep 23
Excellent service by 王信? and Gabi. They were incredibly friendly and patient while serving us, even though we may have been a bit troublesome. Thumb up for their excellent service.
Quynh Nhu PhanQuynh Nhu Phan
20:59 20 Sep 23
Bad service, no care customer , no filtered water for me until after eating, expect it quickly and then get it. The waiter did not care and did not come to help us with the outside food. Service did not care about our desk. I have called many times. You don't deserve the fee. A very bad experience and will never return to this branch. We pay for meals without asking you. Doesn't deserve extra service charge ..! We go 04:00 21/9/2023
13:45 04 Sep 23
It’s our first time trying out a different outlet of HDL, this outlet lacks manpower compared to the other outlets I went to.Despite making a reservation at 630pm for 12 people, we were only able to go in at 730pm. The service was a lot slower due to lack of staffs and being full house.Ordered a birthday celebration but the staff did not even remember, kind of disappointing. I can tell the staff who served us lack energy due to having served too many tables (7-8 tables), which kind of make the whole experience not really pleasant. We have to keep flagging for her attention to get our soup servedLuckily a nice manager, Yuru came to help out to ease the overworked crew, was prompt in serving us.I would not recommend to come on Saturday night if you have kids as it’s far too crowded

Final Thoughts

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