Haidilao Hot Pot Bugis, Singapore

Hello, Chinese food enthusiasts! Welcome to Haidilao Located in the heart of Suntec City, 201 Victoria St, #04-10 Bugis Singapore 188067. Due to our central position, visitors from all across Singapore may easily access our restaurant. Haidilao offers a wide variety of hot pot dishes, including a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles.


Seating Capacity

We have a seating capacity of 250 people, and we are divided into two sections: a casual dining area and a more private VIP room. Our casual dining area is decorated in a luxurious and modern style, with warm colors and comfortable seating. The VIP room is perfect for groups or special occasions, and it features a more intimate atmosphere.

Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao Clarke Quay include:

Original Mala Hot Pot

This is the signature hot pot broth at Haidilao, and it is made with a blend of chili peppers, spices, and herbs.

Signature Mala Hot Pot

This is a spicy hot pot soup made with chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and other spices.

US Wagyu Beef

This is a premium beef that is known for its tenderness and flavor. It is a great choice for those who want to splurge.

Wagyu Beef

In the hot pot broth, this premium beef is thinly sliced and cooked to perfection.

Fish Maw

This jelly-like dish is made from the swim bladder of a fish, and it has a chewy texture and a mild flavor.

Haidilao at Bugis, Singapore


201 Victoria St, #04-10 Bugis+, Singapore 188067

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 6:00 AM)

13:13 17 Mar 24
Thanks for林世杰arrange the dance for us😍,service very well with a nice smile. Have a good dinner.
Sandy TokSandy Tok
08:27 16 Mar 24
Used to be better. Seems like short of staff. Still not bad.
Xin HaoXin Hao
03:47 16 Mar 24
Waited about 45mins for a table on a Friday evening without booking - pretty reasonable and decent duration given the circumstances but manageable with the usual hospitality at the waiting area outside. Great layout of the place with sufficient sauces and sides always topped up. Manager on duty was extremely proactive in ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves. Quality is standard as with most outlets. Thanks to all staff and Chen Fan for the kind hospitality!
Audrey LAudrey L
01:57 16 Mar 24
The service was really good, staff were friendly and helpful, attentive but quite forgetful as well. Great ambient and there’s variety of soup, meats, vegetables and etc.Tomato soup and pork stomach chicken soup - both soup were flavorful and delicious.The prawn pancake - Its just roti canai with prawn, taste good but nothing special.Meats - the marinated beef just okay, the rest were fresh and good.Panda dessert - Adorable! Cream mousse taste just okay.
Kasia WondersKasia Wonders
12:10 13 Mar 24
The 2 young cute guys was very helpful when I made a very difficult unique request as I'm getting for 1 pax, as a food offering for my late buddy.. really appreciated for their patience and understanding and hard work. Best service award!!!!!!thumbs up!!!
Adeline SunAdeline Sun
05:31 28 Feb 24
The service is very very good! The service staff, Meiling, was super patient and helped me make shrimp mashed potatoes and beef roll mashed potatoes, which fulfilled my long-awaited desire to eat this DIY food🥰🥰Thank you very much to her!
nicholas wongnicholas wong
00:44 28 Feb 24
Shyann NgShyann Ng
17:43 27 Feb 24
Ye Qiuli’s service is great! !
Emily ChanEmily Chan
17:43 27 Feb 24
Our waitress 叶秋丽 is very nice and her service is very good
chong ahchong ah
11:35 27 Feb 24
Bugis+ Sister Meixiu’s service is so enthusiastic. No matter what requirements we have, she will try her best to meet the needs of customers. He is the best Sister Meixiu. We will definitely get this Sister Meixiu back next time we have a gathering.
Kevin AngKevin Ang
14:41 07 Feb 24
First time visit to this branch. Interesting layout and doesn’t seem as spacious as other outlets. Food and service still top quality as expected.
06:18 07 Feb 24
Served by HEJIA, the tiny girl was really kind and energetic!Really enjoyed the 31% discount of dinner.
Tiffany NgTiffany Ng
18:43 06 Feb 24
Sister Ye Qiuli’s service is top notch👍🏼 Manager, please give me a hundredfold salary increase😍💯
04:27 06 Feb 24
Staff Liu Yufei service is very good!!
Jasper ChinJasper Chin
06:11 19 Jan 24
1st time visiting this outlet on Wednesday. Have read some review and a lot negative review but I don't think so. The service and foods are good, is the HDL standard. Will visit more in future.
Matthew KongMatthew Kong
14:42 18 Jan 24
Like the Hai Di Lao here! The place is so spacious! Service staffs here (especially Jun Liang) are very initiative and responsive, they came to assist before I even need to look for them! Would definitely come back again
Snow MakSnow Mak
05:43 18 Jan 24
Meiling is a very good employee, has a very good attitude towards customers and is very patient and confident. . Although I haven’t been to Haidilao for a long time, she still remembers me as a customer.
20:55 17 Jan 24
"It's my first time to write a blog here. Last week, my friend went to Haidai to fish for bugis. The waiters there were so nice. In fact, I was already full. I just went there to find friends and was warmly entertained by the waiters. I want to praise you. But she said she didn’t have a cousin anymore. When I left, I asked her name. It seemed that her name was Mei Ling or Mei Lian. I couldn’t hear clearly. She was really warm and generous. She also treated me to an ice cream and a tofu pudding👍👍
14:37 17 Jan 24
The staff there were extremely friendly and cute! Especially on occasions like your birthday, they would hype you up without you being so awkward! They were very quick with my requests as well and were very patient to attend to my different needs. They recently collaborated with KungFu Panda 4 so they had a new dessert WHICH WAS SO GOOD?!?! It’s definitely a must try no joke… and then the store manager gave me free popcorn as well which was so nice of him 🙂 after visiting this outlet, i won’t be able to go back to other outlets. also because there are alot of tables so waiting time may be a little shorter as compared to other outlets?
Anton KuAnton Ku
13:48 09 Dec 23
Ah Hao helped us a lot during our meal! He was very accomodating and kind while attending to our needs even though his shift was about to end. We need more staff like Ah Hao. Please give him a raise. Ah Hao we love u ?
Kingsley GohKingsley Goh
10:44 09 Dec 23
Look for waiter Choo Xin Wai(Midnight Shift)Very accomodating and polite waiter who pays attention to details while serving customers depsite the midnight peak period
08:25 09 Dec 23
Saturday night, queue for an hour..Taste good and staff helpful..
17:16 07 Dec 23
This Bugis+ is a branch that I liked very much before. When did the atmosphere start to become different from before?I called to make a reservation last week and said I was coming to celebrate my birthday. The person on the phone also asked if I wanted to sing? I said yesWhen I entered the venue today, I saw many tables with birthday decorations. I was looking forward to it, but our seats were not available. But it doesn't matterIn the end, I didn’t even come to celebrate my birthday after I finished eating. What’s the point of asking if you want to sing when making a reservation like this? Is it your intention?I won’t even think about coming to this branch again.
Aiwen LiewZhenFengAiwen LiewZhenFeng
08:25 07 Dec 23
Heling's service attitude is very good. They also treat me with the respect I deserve. The food is good and the atmosphere is also very good.
Ng TsNg Ts
12:55 29 Oct 23
Such a wonderful experience in HDL BUGIS. I realised that bunch of ex staffs have changed to this new bunch of staffs. This new bunch of staffs here look more energetic and easygoing. I am so blown away, it changed dramatically within 1-2 months. Kudos to the new management team who takes charge and willing to change & improve. I can see a lot of smiley faces here now!! Btw!!! I would really appreciate & wanted to compliment your staff Xin Yi who served us for the entirely 2 hours, together with her senior Mei Xiu. Thank you for being such a great staffs, understanding and customer focus. Thanks for providing a metal fork for our fruits platter!! You don’t have too!! But you made it easier for us to eat!!! Kudos!!! Furthermore, thanks to both of your hosts!! Sun Zhen and Wen Jie!! They were so friendly and attentive. We are contented!!!10/10 stars now!!!
Jerome GiamJerome Giam
12:50 24 Sep 23
Top notch service and attention as expected from HDL. Staff were attentive and very accommodating to request. The Bugis+ outlet has a new dessert buffet offering that allows unlimited servings. It is an interesting experience that elevates the already wonderful HDL experience. A must-try.
joyce maujoyce mau
12:18 18 Sep 23
It’s been a while since I last came to Haidilaos and their food and services are excellent as usual. The staffs especially Siew Li is very attentive to our table, making sure we had a wonderful dining experience! Would definitely pay a visit again next time!
Mailers MeMailers Me
10:57 18 Sep 23
Ms Niko is excellent and very attentive she keeps our table clean, refill soup, offer help to take desserts before counter close as we were busy eating. She saw I have 2 teenage girls n quickly share the student promo discount helping me save money for the meal. We are very well taken care and pleased w Niko service and her friendly smile. Please continue to make more customers happy. Thank you!
00:54 05 Aug 23
In general Hai Di Lao everywhere has very good service. Even though sometimes can be crowded and long queue but it's worth the wait.For this particular outlet, the staff are very attentive. They will come and top up your drinks and soup even when there is still half left. Ingredients and taste wise, as good as it gets. Of course for the price you pay, you get premium services and food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening and closing hours of Haidilao Bugis?

Haidilao Bugis is open from 11am to 11pm daily.

Is Haidilao Bugis kid-friendly?

Yes, Haidilao Bugis is kid-friendly. The restaurant has a dedicated kids’ play area, and there are also high chairs available.

Do I need to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao Bugis?

It is recommended to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao Bugis, especially during peak hours. You can make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant.

What is the dress code at Haidilao Bugis?

There is no dress code at Haidilao Bugis. However, it is recommended to dress in casual attire.

What are the payment methods accepted at Haidilao Bugis?

Haidilao Bugis accepts cash, credit cards, and e-payments.

Is there a vegetarian menu available at Haidilao Bugis Singapore?

Yes, Haidilao Bugis Singapore has a vegetarian menu that includes a variety of dishes, such as the vegetable hot pot and the tofu dumplings.

What are the prices like at Haidilao Bugis Singapore?

The prices at Haidilao Bugis Singapore are moderate. The hot pot starts at around SGD25 per person, and the snacks and desserts start at around SGD5 per item.


Haidilao Bugis is a great place to enjoy a delicious and affordable hot pot meal. The restaurant has a wide variety of food and amenities to choose from, and it is a popular spot for both families and groups of friends.