Haidilao Century Square, Singapore

Welcome to Haidilao Century Square 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-47 Jurong Point, Singapore 648886, the city’s first Haidilao location, where we are dedicated to creating unforgettable dining experiences. Our restaurant serves a wide range of hotpot dishes, including beef, lamb, seafood, and vegetables, as well as a variety of customizable dipping sauces. Count on our friendly and attentive staff to go above and beyond to ensure your meal is delicious.


Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao Wisma Atria include:

Original Mala Hot Pot

This is the signature hot pot broth at Haidilao, and it is made with a blend of chili peppers, spices, and herbs.

Signature Mala Hot Pot

This is a tender and juicy chicken dish that is cooked in a flavorful sesame oil sauce.

Sesame Oil Chicken

This is a popular choice for those who prefer chicken. The chicken is marinated in cumin and other spices, giving it a delicious flavor.

Wagyu Beef

This high-quality beef is thinly sliced and cooked to perfection in the hot pot broth.

Fish Maw

This jelly-like dish is made from the swim bladder of a fish, and it has a chewy texture and a mild flavor.

Tofu Skin

This thin and delicate tofu skin is a popular hot pot ingredient, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Haidilao Century Square, Singapore


2 Tampines Central 5, #02-22 Century Square, Singapore 529509

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 4:00 AM)

jane zhangjane zhang
13:27 16 May 24
Peiwen has a sweet smile and is patient and careful. I must like it👍Thank you little sister for your considerate service😘🌹🌹🌹
Jasper LeeJasper Lee
07:25 14 May 24
Food was great as usual. Wanted to compliment exceptional service we received from Cao Yan E. Very thoughtful and attentive, always comes to the table with a big smile, really elevated the experience 👍🏻
Steven GAOSteven GAO
14:56 12 May 24
Eating at Hai Di Lao for a dinner has been a regular family event for us . We like the food and enjoy the services and environment .The only thing that disturbing us when deciding to have a family dinner at HDL is that HDL in tampines century seems not to have a policy that will take table reservation. You have to prepare to spend 1-2 hours, some times even longer time , waiting outside of the restaurant for your turn to get a freed table .Today being Mother’s Day , we wanted to have a dinner for 7 family members . I called in yesterday but as usual , “ No table booking is entertained” . But the staff on phone ,whose name is Chao Qi , patiently advised me about the situation to be and nicely suggested me to arrive after 7pm to avoid the peak time . it is particularly important for us as we have my father joining the dinner and he is 90 years old , cannot stay out of home for too long .We have one family member arrived at 5:30pm to get a number and started waiting . my father then arrived 6:45pm with the rest . Chao Qi was so extremely busy in serving the guests waiting at the restaurant entrance and I can sense how stress and difficult his job was . The young man however was always smiling and talking to people nicely , despite I can see some people had lost their patience , talking loudly to him .We managed to get a table at 7:20pm , had a pleasant dinner as always . When we stepped out the restaurant , I saw Chao Qi was still standing at the entrance dealing with the waiting people . I think he is really a nice and well trained staff that should be commended !Thank you Chao Qi for a good job done !
John LeongJohn Leong
09:28 12 May 24
Kitchen is under staff, service is so so. The usual service, like asking what drinks you would like, first tasting of soup... Etc. is also absent.
fei koofei koo
10:28 06 Mar 24
Alexa MihiuAlexa Mihiu
20:57 05 Mar 24
yongxing service very good , very polite .
Siewying LeeSiewying Lee
14:45 05 Mar 24
Waiter Huang Meiting provided very good service and we enjoyed our meal ☺️☺️
06:10 05 Mar 24
service was great by all staffs & staff responsible for my table, 嘉玲 . There’s a cute robot that they used for serving food that sings as well . I also had my nails done by zhi yi which was amazing as well , I’m happy with the results 🤍.
zew vi vienzew vi vien
13:39 04 Mar 24
Regular here at Hai Di Lao Century Square but everything is still as good, great service by 沛雯, very attentive and friendly!! Thank you!
Cendy ChongCendy Chong
11:34 17 Feb 24
We was being served by lee na, Medicare at Century Square . She is patient and explain to us well on the food ingredients! Service : excellent . My family members are happy being served by her .
z wez we
06:48 17 Feb 24
The staff Yuan Xiaolan and Li Na are very enthusiastic and the service is very attentive. The family is very happy.
Jes LeeJes Lee
14:27 15 Feb 24
want to give a thumbs up for the service. The waitress, 邓欣怡, was very caring. Despite serving 3 to 4 tables by herself, she ensured everyone had the best dining experience. Good job! 👏Make us feel that the service of HDL has improved.
Siang Inn PuahSiang Inn Puah
12:24 13 Feb 24
Li Na is a very good waiter. Every time she comes, she always has a smile on her face and takes care of her attentively.
sarah queksarah quek
12:18 13 Feb 24
Kelly Li Na was an excellent host. She always helps us reserve a table even if it's on short notice. Her service is exemplary and she is very attentive to details. She goes out of her way to provide entertainment for the kids. Best host ever!
yeevon ngiewyeevon ngiew
12:58 28 Jan 24
The waiter Cao Yan'e is very enthusiastic! Good attitude and nice service!
Nora NeoNora Neo
07:22 28 Jan 24
Have visited CS HDL couple of times. Was here for lunch on 28/1 to celebrate moms birthday. It was a busy lunch hour and there was face changing performance, was surprised to see our table staff Wei An doing the performance. Although busy, we were attended to promptly and good service by staff Wei An and Xiao Lan, thank you very much for a great dining experience!The manicurist was also patient in attending to our requests and was skilful in painting of nails. Will be back again!
Chinchai TanChinchai Tan
11:23 27 Jan 24
Staff Hu Lishan good service, friendly,Manicurist Li Na does beautiful nails and is very nice.
Ivy GuiIvy Gui
11:00 27 Jan 24
Specially thanks to 胡丽珊 for her good service. We are happy and enjoy our dinner. Will definately come again...
Lyn LimLyn Lim
09:04 27 Jan 24
The nail technician (Li Na) provided very good service, was very kind and attentive. The nails are well done and beautiful
Shawn HoShawn Ho
14:12 07 Jan 24
Very professional and dedicated service by staffs here as usual. Cui Xia did a good job, went the extra mile in serving us and making us feel welcomed.Edit: I previously called to feedback on the porridge, this time came back and the flavour was very good, can tell they take feedback and reviews very seriously. Well-deserved 5 stars
Endless time of HDL but first time ever I’m alone right after work and first time choose to come to this HDL to relax before heading home again.Somehow this lady name 嘉玲 & and a gentlemen name 潍安 make me feel like I’m eating at home. Not overly concern but always pay attention to all the details of mine.Being in service industry isn’t easy, after all day long being the service provider, I got treated the same way as I treated others really feels so different. Few HDL Ive been to in Singapore this outlet has the warmest server. Without me saying a single word they’ll know what I need the most at that moment just like how family does to us.
15:44 05 Jan 24
What an amazing family dinner experience we had at this wonderful restaurant with such warmth of hospitality, attentiveness and care for it’s customer right from the waiting area that starts with offering free drinks (an exquisite lemon tea of unique flavour) all the way until you leave with free ice creams, surprise goodie bags and more - it was awesomeness, surprises and smiles all the way!!At dinner table, there is server standing close by all along, assisting with food choices, preparing hot pot, serving food and all of that with smile and genuine care on their face. During dinner, surprise performance by face-shifting masquerade and Chinese mascots brought joy and laughter in the dinner hall and with kids getting surprise toys and goodies, it was a total win!! Resounding with celebration songs performed by staff, whole place felt like a theme park, lit up with so much energy, excitement and laughter.And of course, amidst the astounding ambience, we savoured the most delicious hot pot with freshest ingredients (veg, non veg), every bite makes you crave for more.There’s also stalls for free helping of condiments, spices, soups, one would be spoilt for choices.Last but not the least, you get to experience all of that fun, food and free stuff without burning a hole in your pocket. I am definitely visiting with my family again to this wonderful restaurant.
Jiamin NganJiamin Ngan
16:34 03 Jan 24
Xin yee service is very attentive and thoughtful. Even though it was busy during dinner time, she was very attentive to us and was also very attentive to the guests at other tables.
Glennis LimGlennis Lim
11:39 16 Dec 23
Cuixia's service was very attentive. Although it was very busy during dinner time, she was still very attentive to entertain three generations of our family! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
07:24 15 Dec 23
gareth chuagareth chua
15:03 12 Dec 23
Have been frequenting this outlet to celebrate birthday for family members recently; not only the food is fresh, this branch has a super nice and friendly female manager and a team of staff!In the past few occasions, we have been fortunate to be served by 张嘉玲 who attended to our needs with much enthusiasm despite being required to shuttle between tables. Can’t express enough appreciation and of course admiration for the energy and professionalism displayed by her. 💪🏻
11:11 09 Dec 23
09:22 09 Dec 23
Tan JaneTan Jane
21:51 21 Nov 23
Was here for supper late in the night, around 11pm-1am. Service staff here are all amazing and really impressive. No waiting time when it comes to getting our food, and it was hassle free when we redeemed our points and vouchers from their ipad system.The place was really clean and tidy. We did not feel rushed at all throughout while having our meal.The condiments counter is superbly stoked with all sorts of different sauces, side dishes, fruits, and even desserts! It was just an extra charge of $4 for all of that. The service staff topped up our drinks regularly, too. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and we will definitely visit again.
Chua TimothyChua Timothy
12:39 28 Oct 23
The service level has dropped by 20% due to lack of manpower . Forgot to bring vegetable I order after 45mins we start our meal. Before cov19… excellent 5 stars.
22:37 24 Oct 23
The Illusion of Eating Hot Pot Healthily?Haidilao has become a must-have for hot pot almost every month, especially their irresistible black chicken soup base, which was once considered one of the top three delicacies in the world alongside Japanese Wagyu beef and Arctic shrimp. Unfortunately, their black chicken broth no longer uses black chicken for stewing; it's just regular chicken.The habit of starting with a sip of soup before the meal is perhaps something brought by Haidilao. Garnished with scallions and cilantro, a sip of black chicken broth warms the palate with its rich and delightful taste, instantly awakening the taste buds. This magical black chicken broth seems to have the power to keep you wanting more. And the misconception arises that eating hot pot can be healthy because of the nutritious broth, leading you to believe that the meat cooked in such a nutritious base is also healthy.The sliced yellow croaker is well-prepared. I've been to other hot pot restaurants like Dalongyan and Xiaolongkan, where I found their slices to be rather thick and uneven. Low-quality yellow croaker tends to be thick. Haidilao manages to consistently maintain the freshness and high-quality standards of their yellow croaker.What makes this place outstanding is not just its pure and fresh white soup base but also its improved spicy soup. Even though I'm not a fan of spicy food, I find Haidilao's spicy soup quite enjoyable. It's not the kind of extreme spiciness you'd find in Sichuan hot pot; instead, it's aromatic, reducing the greasiness of the yellow croaker while enhancing the flavors of the ingredients. It's perfect for items like offal dishes when you want a hint of spiciness. No wonder it was once the richest person in Singapore and achieved the pinnacle in its field.Apart from its 5-star service, Haidilao's success lies in the freshness of its ingredients and the quality of its soup bases. After trying various hot pot places, you'll discover that Haidilao is the one where you're least likely to make a mistake. Its quality ensures that diners experience a premium level of indulgence in culinary delights.In the evening at 8 o'clock, there's even a face-changing performance. It seems they've updated their product packaging and introduced a tomato puppet that greets guests in the restaurant, winning the hearts of children.Overall, Haidilao offers good value for money. Prices at other hot pot places have increased, but they haven't been able to maintain the consistent high quality of delicious food and service like Haidilao.
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
00:10 21 Oct 23
Was here for a weekday lunch, and it just felt super empty, super quiet. It's not a bad thing, and I definitely appreciate the peace and calm. But when the service staff is accordingly also on training, less familiar with things, and need a bit more nudge, then it's a different story altogether.I personally don't really come to Century Square, and this HDL outlet, like those in many other heartland malls, feels very much less premium somehow. Maybe it's the decorations, maybe it's the designs.Hotpot soup is good. We enjoyed the new chicken collagen soup, and the usual ma la soup. The others, just get what you feel like drinking. Sprinkle some spring onion on top, get the prawn paste, and you have yourself a good meal.
Daniel LDaniel L
13:49 16 May 23
Worth the wait with the most attentive and friendly servers. Food is hygienic and they accommodated our requests for a corner spot for our infant stroller. Gave a free kids toy and offered food for my little one. Keep up the good service and it will justify the slightly pricier costs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening and closing hours of Haidilao Century Square Singapore?<br />

Haidilao at Century Square Singapura is open from 11am to 11pm daily.

What are the most popular menu items at Haidilao Century Square Singapore?<br />

Some of the most popular menu items include the beef brisket, lamb, pork belly, and seafood. The vegetables and noodles are also very fresh and delicious.

What are the pricing options at Haidilao Century Square Singapore?<br />

Haidilao offers a variety of pricing options, depending on the number of people in your party and the type of hot pot you choose. There is also an all-you-can-eat option available.


Haidilao Century Square in Singapore is an excellent choice for a delicious and filling hot pot meal. Haidilao Century Square Singapore is sure to become your new favorite hot pot restaurant with its wide variety of dishes and excellent service.