Haidilao City Square Mall Singapore

Welcome to Haidilao Located at 180 Kitchener Rd, Mall, B2-01 to 02 City Square, Singapore 208539. Haidilao City Square Mall Singapore is a well-known chain that offers a luxurious dining experience. Haidilao restaurant has a large selection of ingredients and sauces, as well as attentive service. It is in the heart of the city, making it an ideal location for a hot pot meal.


Seating Capacity

Haidilao City Square Mall Singapore has a seating capacity of 250 people. The restaurant has a spacious dining area with a modern and stylish design. There are also private rooms available for larger groups.

Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao City Square Mall include:

Signature Mala Hot Pot

This is a spicy hot pot soup made with chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and other spices.

Original Soup

This is a non-spicy hot pot soup made with chicken, pork, and vegetables.

Live Seafood

Haidilao City Square Mall Singapore offers a variety of live seafood that can be cooked in the hot pot.

DIY Desserts

This popular hot pot ingredient is the thin, delicate tofu skin, which can be eaten in a variety of ways.

Wagyu Beef

In the hot pot broth, this premium beef is thinly sliced and cooked to perfection.

Haidilao City Square Mall Singapore


180 Kitchener Rd, Mall, B2-01 to 02 City Square, Singapore 208539

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 4:00 AM)

05:31 19 May 24
The waiter 小明 who is in charge of our table is very friendly and attentive. His positive attitude throughout our meal has made our lunch truly enjoyable. Highly recommend this restaurant for both the delicious food and outstanding service!
Seak Goo SongSeak Goo Song
04:08 15 May 24
Eric LEric L
03:04 15 May 24
Understaff, orders are not servedOverall is pleasant experience but service is subpar coming from HDL
Hartono NgHartono Ng
14:38 13 May 24
Was at HDL city square for mother's day lunch. Out of so many branches, this branch service was not up to par. We sat down for 10mins but no staff came to serve us, until i raised my hand up to one of the seniors then she came. The kids meal was normally automatically ordered or staff would ask us if we want to get kids meal but that day was only upon request then was added. Basically there wasn't really any service provided. We went close to 12pm , not much crowd however we were told the manicure service had been fully booked, there wasn't any customer and staff sitting there how could they tell us fully booked. The children playground aircon was only turned on upon request. Upon checking further, we found out that the reason for all of the above was they were short-staffed. Could have just told us earlier.
Gavin TayGavin Tay
01:55 13 May 24
While the service was not above and beyond like other outlets, it was still way above regular Singapore service standards.
Junho WongJunho Wong
14:45 13 Mar 24
Yiqing has good service
Sarah LimSarah Lim
15:33 12 Mar 24
Came to try the new HDL grill set and was met with impeccable service by 一青!had a good chat, helped me grill my food to perfection and was an overall pleasant experience. Thumbs up!
Chitra SivaramChitra Sivaram
07:12 12 Mar 24
Staff Eileen was very helpful and kind . Amazing service rendered by her.
Ng Shi Ling JoslynNg Shi Ling Joslyn
17:21 09 Mar 24
Shann LimShann Lim
15:46 09 Mar 24
Katherine & 姚姚/桃桃 (I forget which name 😭 - shirt hair lady) Enjoyed my supper with their service!! Had a great chat about other things as well.
Chun Wui TanChun Wui Tan
05:48 24 Feb 24
Haidilao never fails to satisfy even if it's a little pricey.
Mehak KawediyaMehak Kawediya
16:33 21 Feb 24
It was my first day in Singapore and my birthday, the staff and the manager here were so so so kind! They made me feel at home, they celebrated my day like it was their day. Being a pure vegetarian my family and I loved the options we chose and loved how the staff guided us in selecting the right options for us. One of the best services hands down. A must must must visit!!! Team Hydilao, I am glad I chose y’all on my very first day in SG and more importantly my bday! ♥️
Athena MartAthena Mart
09:56 21 Feb 24
A very great dining experience at HDL Farrer Park, staff 郑志聪, is a very friendly, polite & hardworking staff. He serves us like a close friend of him, that makes us to enjoy our food very much. Branch Manager, Yang XiBei, also a very nice & friendly lady that provides us joyful meal time, we will definitely be back again.
yang yingyang ying
07:20 21 Feb 24
I like to dine there, especially Li Zhan’s service is praiseworthy.
10:17 20 Feb 24
Xiaohong's service attitude is really good. If you ask for some snacks, you will be given more fruits and so on, which is great. I will continue to look for Xiaohong's service next time! 👍👍
Weiying LiuWeiying Liu
14:44 03 Feb 24
We are very grateful to the waiters for the surprises they brought us when we ate at Haidilao. They had many programs and were eager to help.
11:48 03 Feb 24
looooooong looooooong waiting time 😎
abhinna shreshthaabhinna shreshtha
02:34 01 Feb 24
Venus PowVenus Pow
09:31 28 Jan 24
Chris HChris H
06:31 28 Jan 24
By far the worst HDL outlet Ive been to. Waiter was quite clumsy, inattentive, and made us feel awkward. Can not be compared to MBS one, the ambience and service just unprofessional, sometimes annoying. Wont come here again. In the end, two ppl spent $140 sgd
Tang Jie JieTang Jie Jie
07:04 15 Jan 24
Visited city square hdl today with my khaki and was serve by a guy his service was rude. I just ask whether got any complimentary dishes as my order was close to $80-90 cause usually other outlet Tampines or imm or outlet got went extra miles by telling sure we have complimentary dishes for you. City square outlet this hdl service guy actually can go extra miles by asking his or her manager whether got complimentary dishes instead but he chose to comment say cause I go a lot of times at other outlet thats why got complimentary dishes. Will definitely not visit city square outlet other day already. Crew not helpful and attentive to your needs. Service really cui sometimes you can made a person day by saying politely but not suan siao kind of talking to ur customer. Really disappointed with the service that he provided. But never mind wolo haha
04:58 14 Jan 24
16:14 13 Jan 24
Dear CitySquare Haidilao Team,I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional service provided by your staff during our recent visit to the Haidilao restaurant in Singapore. My grandpa traveled all the way from Penang to celebrate his birthday and would like to visit your renowned hospitality, and he was genuinely impressed.The staff's warmth, attentiveness, and dedication contributed immensely to making our dining experience enjoyable and memorable. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in every aspect of the service, ensuring that my grandpa not only had a delicious meal but also had a great time.Please convey our gratitude to the entire team for going above and beyond in creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Your commitment to excellence has left a lasting impression, and we look forward to returning to Haidilao in the future.Thank you once again for making my grandpa's visit to Haidilao Singapore a truly delightful one.
06:11 10 Jan 24
waiyuen chowwaiyuen chow
17:23 09 Jan 24
Cecilia TayCecilia Tay
14:58 24 Dec 23
On the eve of christmas, me and my family visited this HDL outlet. We booked 3 sessions for manicure and was greeted by a very friendly staff, pei yi, whom helped us decide what wad the best choice of nail colour and design . She is a very hardworking and dedicated to her work. She could have painted only a single tone but she was very helpful to paint simple design for us to celebrate xmas . She also mentioned to us that during her free time she will explore new design for nails and she was coming up with a CNY nail design which to us, we felt she was very dedicated to her job and put extra effort in it . We would like to praise her for her job well done. We were very pleased with her service and the nails that were done by her ! What a great experience at HDL during a festive period !
Pei Li Andrina LiauPei Li Andrina Liau
14:49 22 Dec 23
Never I will drop by hai di lao city square ,service no good never mind ,never serve things at near children so danger n when serve cake forget to put candle n light it up before start singing song right ,not worth the service being charge
colin chamberlaincolin chamberlain
11:21 12 Dec 23
Another solid meal from an excellent chain
Candice GohCandice Goh
13:46 09 Dec 23
Waited for about 45mina for our table. Service was great and the collagen soup is to die for. Will come bk again.
Jesse LimJesse Lim
13:11 09 Dec 23
Services from Jack Liau is very good and attentive to customer needs. Thanks and appreciate
Densil TanDensil Tan
11:41 04 Dec 23
I took the time to write this review because, while enjoying a solo meal and movie, a staff member took notice of me and pleasantly surprised me by unwrapping a phone holder, sparing me the need to use my cup as a makeshift stand.Following my meal, another staff member took charge of my section, managing the payment process. He inquired about my meal satisfaction and, upon learning I was full, suggested I take a moment to rest instead of rushing off, encouraging me to finish watching my show before departing.It's these thoughtful gestures and attentive service that I truly value. Kudos to the team for their exceptional efforts.I visited on the 2nd of December around 11:30 pm.
how shujunhow shujun
05:05 04 Dec 23
Ling SuetLing Suet
07:15 03 Dec 23
Xu Kaili provided us with good service and made our birthday meal very enjoyable! Come on ? I hope City Square Haidilao can arrange for a little brother to dance next time! ? Go to Oita!
Martha ChooMartha Choo
22:11 01 Dec 23
Superb service!!! I was early, so instead of ushering me to wait at the service bay, if that's what it's called, I was guided to the reserved table. The waitress asked if I wanted a drink while waiting for the rest. I declined, and I thought it would be better to order together. She smiled and carried on with her job. Another waitress came by to ask if I wanted anything, again I declined. The first waitress came back with a small plate of fruits even though I didn't ask for it. At that moment, I didn't feel that I'm a customer but more a special guest. They literally want you to feel their sincere welcome. Then the rest arrived, and dinner started. They are very attentive and make sure the soup doesn't run below half mark. Refilling it ever so often. Obviously, I enjoyed the dinner because there was noodle performance on closed up before it was shredded by hand to smaller strands and put into the soup to cook. Dinner done, table cleared and suddenly one of the staff crowned me with a colourful 'tiara' and a birthday cake infront of me. A few more staff joined in, and they started clapping and singing and clapping a well wishing birthday song, Haidilao's version. Well, the staff made 2023 a special birthday celebration for me. Thank you, Haidilao, for your superb service. WELL DONE!!! ????
Charles TanCharles Tan
13:17 01 Dec 23
Tonight dinner experience in Haidilao CSM is fabulous. Manager Yang LL is a great guy in servicing and explanining the membership issue. We will come again. Thanks LL?
Isaac LaiIsaac Lai
00:07 19 Oct 23
Their dishes like pork, beef, and the side dishes tastes very good. I like the Pig Organ Soup base and mala soup base as it has a strong flavour. Also, they have amazing service, and cater to your requests quickly. It is also much cheaper than I thought. They give lots of freebies too. I will definitely come here again.
Vodka LimVodka Lim
06:36 09 Oct 23
In the mist of economy uncertainty, it is consider blessing that i can enjoy hot pot at Hai Di Lao.However the recent standard by HDL has dropped significantly as compare to Covid when I first joined.The porridge has been more watery, certain serving potion had lesser. Overall the service standards had dropped perhaps due to more patron and lesser crews.The last few trips to HDL, even without much crowd, so service standard had dropped.My trip to City Square branch is my first time and probably will not return again. Crews not attentive, by the time they spotted me scooping the broth scum, it is service too late. This is not first branch I saw the basic service dropped.Perhaps the crews are really new according the branch manager which claims to be newly taking over, water is not serve until later stage.The pinnacle of the day is the my spinach still has soil but my hands are faster than my eyes, the vegetable are in my hotpot. My partner also spotted some black dot on the spinach serve which cannot be identified as dirt or insect.The branch manager do attended to us after he investigate the matter from kitchen, perhaps the food preparation overlook the soils. The branch manager did offers us to replace the soup but at that moment we simply cannot take in new food, thus discount was applied to our final bill which we think HDL still meet the service standard.Lastly, for those who wanted to reduce the oil and salt from the side dishes like bean noodles, Kim Chi or mushrooms, you can order an clear hotpot. You can really scooped plenty of oil and reduce salt as you can see in the pictures. The clear water has changed to a Kim Chi soup.We hope that HDL could improve their service. My earlier review at their flagship branch in Clarke Quay is a branch I will never go back. City Square probably is my next.
Jovien NgJovien Ng
18:32 04 Sep 23
Love the food and service there all staffs are super friendly and helpful! Especially Tao Jie she super friendly super helpful! The manager too.. like the vibe there! Will recommend again and again! Good job and thankyou so much for leaving us a good experience! My sister favorite restaurant!
Gene KuokGene Kuok
04:28 05 Mar 23
Recently, I had the pleasure of dining at Haidilao City Square and I must say that it was an outstanding experience. From the moment I stepped inside, I was greeted with a warm welcome and the inviting aroma of the simmeringWhat impressed me the most was the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The meats were tender and juicy, and the vegetables were crisp and flavorful.The service was impeccable, with attentive staff ensuring that our needs were met throughout the meal. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist with any questions or requests. And preparing a birthday surprise for me, just because I mentioned my recent birthday.Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a memorable dining experience. The quality of the ingredients, the attentive service, and the inviting atmosphere all combine to create a truly exceptional meal. I will definitely be returning soon to enjoy another delicious hot pot!
Bernie ChinBernie Chin
05:15 03 Dec 22
There were only 2 of us, and we ordered 3 triple soup based. After reading some reviews, decided to try the curry soup. It was so so good!!! No regrets. Left with a super full stomach. It was quite packed but service from staff, Jiao Er was excellent. I really commend her on her attentiveness. HDL will always be my go to place for hot pot. However I feel the selection now is not as much as before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening and closing hours of Haidilao VivoCity?

Haidilao VivoCity is Business Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 4:00 AM)

How much does it cost to eat at Haidilao VivoCity?

The price of a meal at Haidilao VivoCity depends on the type of broth, ingredients, and add-ons you choose. However, it typically costs around Prices ($ 30) per person.

What are the payment methods accepted at Haidilao VivoCity?

Haidilao VivoCity accepts cash, credit cards, and e-payments.


Haidilao City Square Mall Singapore is a great place to enjoy a luxurious hot pot meal with friends and family. The restaurant offers a wide variety of ingredients and sauces, as well as attentive service. Whether you are a first-time hot pot eater or a seasoned pro, you are sure to enjoy your meal at Haidilao City Square Mall Singapore.