Haidilao IMM Singapore

If you are looking for a delicious and luxurious hot pot experience in the heart of Orchard, Haidilao IMM Singapore is the perfect place for you. Haidilao IMM Singapore offers a wide variety of hot pot dishes, including a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles. The staff at Haidilao IMM Singapore are known for their friendly and attentive service.


Seating Capacity

Haidilao Singapore IMM has a seating capacity of 300 people.

Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao IMM include:

Original Mala Hot Pot

This is the signature hot pot broth at Haidilao, and it is made with a blend of chili peppers, spices, and herbs.

Hot pot

Haidilao is known for its delicious hot pot, which comes with a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles. Diners can choose their own ingredients and customize their dipping sauce.


Haidilao also offers a variety of snacks, such as dumplings, spring rolls, and skewers.


Haidilao’s desserts are also popular, such as the ice cream mochi and the mango pudding.

Haidilao IMM Singapore


2 Jurong East Street 21, #03-01 IMM, Singapore 609601

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 6:00 AM)

Keng Wei ThumKeng Wei Thum
00:15 22 Mar 24
Good dining experience, served by Zeng Yu Qin. Very attentive to customer needs 👍
Zuleika WoodZuleika Wood
11:40 20 Mar 24
Joseph LimJoseph Lim
14:59 19 Mar 24
It's always my dining place to go for
Ronald YongRonald Yong
18:00 18 Mar 24
Suggested to make a reservation before you go, cuz very crowded
mathukarn tangharatmathukarn tangharat
16:55 18 Mar 24
Grace LiGrace Li
01:50 01 Mar 24
Allen ChongAllen Chong
04:33 27 Feb 24
06:30 25 Feb 24
Cao Miaomiao's service was very prompt and kind, and she also patiently helped comfort the crying children in a timely manner.
Chang LloydChang Lloyd
19:06 23 Feb 24
Food is consistent with every HDL. But the service here is better than the other outlets I've visited. The staff and supervisor serving my table went the extra mile to serve us by providing things like plates and cutlery before we require them. Went beyond our expectations. Good job!
Novi ChiaNovi Chia
09:59 08 Feb 24
Chris LeongChris Leong
11:02 06 Feb 24
Expect crowd as usual and also the food quality, and services. Overall good experience as the waiting time is reasonable.
Timothy LeeTimothy Lee
14:10 05 Feb 24
Excellent service for birthday celebration!
Joanne EngJoanne Eng
17:31 04 Feb 24
Was there for dinner with my family last night. I have to say that we were all very impressed with our attending waitress, Zhang Juan. Her service was amazing. She was very sincere, approachable and super attentive, and this is the type of service which you could feel it is from the heart, and therefore, had made our dinning a very enjoyable one. Thank you very much Zhang Juan! and also hope HDL will recognise her effort and hardwork.
11:56 03 Feb 24
Sarah KohSarah Koh
14:47 21 Jan 24
I no longer find a reason to visit HDL.The food is no longer as great, especially the pork belly slices, I have never eaten any even smellier pork than this. The condiment section so freaking dirty. Sauce everywhere. What is the point if you are paying so much but is not even worth going anymore.We takeaway the soup back home, just make your own comparison.HDL staff, just scoop and dumps everything in a container in front of you, and while scooping the oil and soup just drips every where. I mean if you are bad at scooping bring it to the kitchen. Not only that the outer layer of the container is coated with oil, lady seen it just proceed to pack it up, cant even bother to wipe it. She just packs it up? I am a little taken aback. Please refer to the photoJust go other steamboat store like BitP. They still cling wrap it for you and top up the soup for takeaway!2 person amount spend was $160, service ain't like last time, friendly on the ball, ready to serve.I am sure if HDL keeps it up w such standards i am sure they will close down in no time. Or did HDL did you over worked your staff till they cannot give you a Shay or 2?Sat at table 52,53, or 56 made payment at 9:45pm. 2pax. 21/1/2024
Swee LiangSwee Liang
04:18 20 Jan 24
Eng Keong TanEng Keong Tan
14:57 18 Jan 24
Pricilia ChanPricilia Chan
10:58 17 Jan 24
Ma ttMa tt
11:24 15 Jan 24
Service by 文娟 was great! She was polite and attentive, making the dining experience a pleasant one.
Serene LimSerene Lim
08:27 01 Jan 24
Gd place to relax and chat
Auron NgAuron Ng
11:38 31 Dec 23
derek lowderek low
17:55 27 Dec 23
Samuel NgSamuel Ng
11:02 27 Dec 23
Jia YeeJia Yee
12:48 26 Dec 23
Barat VinayakanBarat Vinayakan
00:57 12 Dec 23
Fuh ChengFuh Cheng
07:22 10 Dec 23
Kaixiong's considerate and patient service
Kelvin ChengKelvin Cheng
13:59 09 Dec 23
Good service by Geok Kim, had a great meal thanks to her recommendations
Lopez OngLopez Ong
10:01 08 Dec 23
Kudos for service staff Wei Quan service. Other than that complete nightmare for a Thursday dinner.Ice cold porridge. Kids running and screaming on top of their lungs (non stop thruout my dinner). And forever I owe her a living attitude from manager Carmen. Oh ya, and the scammer 花胶broth. Charged 24$ for 1/4 pot. Then refill e soup with normal chicken broth. Asked why refill with chicken broth instead of 花胶broth. The service staff: 你要花胶要通知我们。funny right? It's beyond terrible.
01:52 08 Dec 23
Cindy OngCindy Ong
10:44 05 Nov 23
Haidilao is known for its service and the usual perks like free snacks and stuffs but this haidilao has it different.The service staffs are friendly sincerely yet not overly. Speedy service yet non sloppy. It's a 5 stars for neighbourhood haidilao standard and we loved the service much more than that of Vivocity and Orchard.They have a spacious wait area. Comfortable interior seats and cosy decorations. Condiments counter were promptly topped up to cater to the busy lunch crowd.What makes this haidilao our favorite now is the strong aircon. Hotpot is most enjoyable in cold temperature and this is perfect for us.
Chomeh AlexChomeh Alex
15:37 14 Oct 23
Very attentive to customers’ needs and willing to go the extra mile without being asked. The service was fast, although it may have been a bit late with lesser crowd. Overall, we are happy dining here.
Hans LimHans Lim
10:24 02 Aug 23
Service staff 铃泠 at our table is impeccable at her service! Truly top notch and very attentive to us! Always helping to refill the pot quickly and our drinks as well. I can say she is the best HDL staff I’ve ever encountered! 5 stars! ?
Linda Srichat TLinda Srichat T
06:54 30 Mar 23
I had a wonderful experience here with my two friends. The server who attended to us was a really lovely lady. I am writing this review just to show our appreciation towards her. We didn't get her name unfortunately, we were there from 11am to 1pm and seated at table 11.
Diana KangDiana Kang
14:05 26 Jan 23
My family visited the restaurant to celebrate my birthday and it did not fail us. The delicious hotpot and super attentive service had won us over again. Me, the birthday gal, got treated with a heart-warming birthday sing-along and a nice birthday cake & fruit platter. We were especially pleased with our table attendant Ms Jojo who made sure we've enjoyed ourselves and warmly accepted our many requests to take pictures... *guilty* thank you once again !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening and closing hours of Haidilao IMM?

Haidilao IMM is open from 11am to 11pm daily.

What is the dress code at Haidilao IMM?

There is no dress code at Haidilao IMM. However, it is recommended to dress in casual attire.

Do I need to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao IMM?

It is recommended to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao IMM, especially during peak hours. You can make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant.

Is there a vegetarian menu available at Haidilao IMM Singapore?

Yes, Haidilao IMM Singapore has a vegetarian menu that includes a variety of dishes, such as the vegetable hot pot and the tofu dumplings.


Haidilao IMM is a great place to enjoy a delicious and affordable hot pot meal. The restaurant has a wide variety of food and amenities to choose from, and it is a popular spot for both families and groups of friends.