Haidilao Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Welcome to Haidilao Marina Bay Sands Singapore, where delicious hot pot meets stunning views! Our restaurant is located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands, offering panoramic views of the city skyline. We also have a children’s play area, so your little ones can have fun while you enjoy your meal.


Seating Capacity

Haidilao Singapore Marina Bay Sands has a seating capacity of 150 People, which is divided into two sections: a casual dining area and a more private VIP room. Diners can choose their own ingredients and customize their dipping sauce. We offer free Wi-Fi, and we have a variety of entertainment options, such as karaoke and massages.

Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao Marina Bay Sands include:

Original Mala Hot Pot

This is the signature hot pot broth at Haidilao, and it is made with a blend of chili peppers, spices, and herbs.

Signature Mala Hot Pot

This is a spicy hot pot soup made with chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and other spices.

Sesame Oil Chicken

This is a tender and juicy chicken dish that is cooked in a flavorful sesame oil sauce.

Fish Maw

This jelly-like dish is made from the swim bladder of a fish, and it has a chewy texture and a mild flavor.

Wagyu Beef

In the hot pot broth, this premium beef is thinly sliced and cooked to perfection.

Tofu Skin

This thin and delicate tofu skin is a popular hot pot ingredient, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Haidilao Marina Bay Sands Singapore


018972Singapore, Bayfront Ave, 2号, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B2-01

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 6:00 AM)

Suzan LiuSuzan Liu
07:45 22 Mar 24
Cheng Ying at mbs outlet is very kind and friendly, always attend for our needs. The experience at haidilao lao always make the customers feel at home. Please praise and value the staff at haidilao. Thank you Cheng Ying and haidilao!!!
Reserved for 7, still not seated at 7:40pm
The famous Mala Delicious as rumored Strong price available But the quality of the ingredients is good and the soup is delicious.
Albert Wenson GUNAWANAlbert Wenson GUNAWAN
06:40 20 Mar 24
Phoebe TanPhoebe Tan
09:50 14 Mar 24
The food is as good as ever, the waiters are very friendly and I especially like the pink cat eye that the manicurist 'Tongtong' did for me. It's so beautiful, and the face-changing master's performance is also very exciting. The overall atmosphere is great. I will eat here again next time
Siew Kee TeySiew Kee Tey
14:47 29 Feb 24
We went there to celebrate farewell for a colleague and we were very happy to be served by waiter, JAY who performed for us. It was a great performance by him we were awed by his performance. He is very friendly and we appreciate his service which makes our dinner an enjoyable one. Haidilao should appreciate a great employee like him.
B JangB Jang
04:04 29 Feb 24
Went there past 10 on Feb 28. Asked how long the wait would be, and they said it would take 20 minutes. When we said we’d leave as we didn’t want to wait that long, they suddenly said that we’d only have to wait 5 minutes. Odd.When we went in, one of our table mates asked for soy milk. It was sour when it arrived, and we asked for a new cup. They took a while to prep a new cup, but we were quite concerned that such a reputable brand served soy milk that has gone bad.Service was also almost non-existent by this plump, middle-aged lady, and we had to remind her multiple times to get our drink refills, and to get assistance in topping up our soup.They seemed to have closed our section at about midnight, but the lady did not inform us and we were sitting in half-darkness, with the sauce/fruits counter cleared.We often patronize this outlet but have realised that service standards have dropped tremendously. Previously, the thin old lady who often serves the area closest to the main entrance also had a poor service attitude. She only looked very enthusiastic on CNY eve, when she was collecting red packets while prepping the louhei for all the customers. I hope the MBS outlet manager reflects on this and not allow his staff to continue with downward trend.
jeff jeffjeff jeff
13:06 26 Feb 24
Amazing family time celebrating my son's birthday. We were looked after by Janet Leong and she was fantastic! Great food, service, and atmosphere!
07:38 26 Feb 24
There is Haidilao in the corner of Marina Bay Sands! Very convenient for tourists to visit. There is no need to wait for a seat if you enter at 11 am. The seating options include single seats and large round tables suitable for family gatherings.The selection of soup bases is not as wide as other branches, and they mainly include the best-selling soup bases. The customer service service is quite satisfactory.Face-changing performances will also appear at irregular times.
Kim SongKim Song
15:07 25 Feb 24
The customer service of Xuerou and Yanan is particularly good! Very good dining experience
Cathy ChinCathy Chin
19:52 09 Feb 24
we often have our dinner at HDL not only this outlet but we went to different outlet everytime. and have been experiencing friendly staffs. Unfortunately, the service on 8th feb around 7:35pm by MBS HDL staff, a man called jaren was disappointing! It’s our first time encountered with not up to standard HDL service from him. Firstly he rush us to place an order. He let us know if we place our order when is already busy period then the food will be coming late. Why must give ur customer pressure to order? HDL menu item not only 2-3 items eh .. Of course need time to see and order what.When our food came and he walk pass our table and just say "你们不要喝汤是吗?" . Normally HDL staff will just serve the soup without asking if the customer want it or not. If we dont want drink the soup then we order the soup for what? I have seen his excellent service review but probably not this time. Then there is a young guy taking over him. He just did a excellent service! He refill our soup , drinks and offer to help us take ice cream . Forgot to ask for his name. But he did well with HDL sop service! Overall everythings was great! Food and the change face perfomance!
03:38 09 Feb 24
Stephanie’s service level is 1 of the best I’ve encountered. Well done!Dinner on 8 Feb, party of 5.
Fiona towFiona tow
09:07 08 Feb 24
易小斌 was a great service and friendly! we will be back again!thanks send for us small new year gift so cuted!will coming back soon!
Thomas YangThomas Yang
07:15 06 Feb 24
The service of the flower girl is very good, you feel at home
Alina TanAlina Tan
07:07 06 Feb 24
Sister Xianhua’s service is super, super, super goodSo enthusiasticWill come to MBS store next time😜😜
Dennie WongDennie Wong
14:14 20 Jan 24
Visited the restaurant and was served by the staff name Jaren Lee. Good service and friendly, also provide good recommendation on the foods.
benson cbenson c
14:06 20 Jan 24
Good service from Jarien Jia Jun, appreciate his proactiveness. Thank you Jarien.
Iris ZhangIris Zhang
13:42 20 Jan 24
Sister Wu Xianhua’s service is super good and very kind.
Gary YeeGary Yee
06:17 20 Jan 24
Overall food quality and variety is not as many as other branches for what I have tried so far. In fact, the staff from this restaurant need to improve for their service quality as almost all of them are sour face and not energetics at all.
12:06 18 Jan 24
Special thanks to Jaren (Jia Jun )for his service .
Strawberrylicious BabyStrawberrylicious Baby
03:19 31 Dec 23
Thks to Janet & ying er for making the dining experience wonderful. We have a gd time dining together. Appreciate d wonderful gd services together.
lucas tionglucas tiong
13:29 29 Dec 23
Rose is a superstar, always try to look for her. Awesome service, food, atmosphere. Probably the best Haidilao outlet in Singapore!
Wan Teck YeoWan Teck Yeo
12:05 29 Dec 23
Great dining experience thanks to the fantastic service from 仙花姐姐!
Nathanael TanNathanael Tan
17:48 11 Dec 23
Maybe its just this outlet but service was not as friendly as i came to expect since i regularly patron HDL. However props to the sporting staff that dance to his own tune. ?
elsa liangelsa liang
15:36 11 Dec 23
Janet from MBS serve me and my friend very well and she is very friendly, this is our third time coming back to look for her, because of her we choose to come MBS branch instead of other branch. Thank you so much for having us with you for these enjoyable dinner always, she never disappoint us at all always with her beautiful smile, keep it up ??
12:50 11 Dec 23
We celebrated our friend's birthday at the HDL MBS outlet and were pleasantly served by 邬仙花. She was absolutely lovely and provided us with the best service we've ever experienced."
Hui Ling LimHui Ling Lim
12:47 11 Dec 23
仙花is very professional and goes out of way to provide the best service! Thank you!
Yanling TeoYanling Teo
12:46 11 Dec 23
I had a great experience with the service! Special thanks to 仙花, who served us. She was incredibly friendly and attentive throughout. Excellent customer service
arabesque en pointearabesque en pointe
12:01 20 Oct 23
Love the manicure bar, and exceptionally great service from 仙花! She took very good care of my aged parents and young children. Came to try the newly launched kids meal with Miffy goods! It’s a bucket hat cum mini handbag.
Tom GohTom Goh
12:56 10 Oct 23
Always have a big big smile and warmest welcome. It has becomes a usual dinning option for us at all times!Kudos to Tong Tong, Mei Hong, Hui Min and the team! Thank you for the hospitality showered.The manicure service is well-loved. Now, it even has to children version - just nice for me!
Ng TsNg Ts
13:03 09 Aug 23
Thanks Yu Cheng part timer, Janet Mei yan and their team lead Joey for serving us. Such a wonder experience during last day of 2023. And the waiting time was pretty great. Only 3 hours. Thankful for the efficiency and dedication. My friend and I were very thankful for your utmost of service and quality standard given. Joey did so well for leading the team!! Happy 2024!!!
SG Food LegendsSG Food Legends
18:42 25 Jun 23
The soup base has improved back to the higher standard again. The last 2 years, it had got worst but glad to say that the standard is better than everMany new dishes tooThis outlet had individual seating area which is coolThey also use robots to deliver dishes here
Jovina LeongJovina Leong
08:24 24 Jun 22
仙花, our server, had made our dining experience here a very memorable one. She is pleasant, lively and lovely! The food and service were both great, and we will definitely come back to dine here again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening and closing hours of Haidilao Marina Bay Sands?

Haidilao Marina Bay Sands is open from 11AM to 11PM daily.

Is Haidilao Marina Bay Sands kid-friendly?

Yes, Haidilao Marina Bay Sands is kid-friendly. The restaurant has a dedicated kids’ play area, and there are also high chairs available.

Do I need to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao Marina Bay Sands?

It is recommended to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao Marina Bay Sands, especially during peak hours. You can make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant.

What is the dress code at Haidilao Marina Bay Sands?

There is no dress code at Haidilao Marina Bay Sands. However, it is recommended to dress in casual attire.

What are the payment methods accepted at Haidilao Marina Bay Sands?

Haidilao Marina Bay Sands accepts cash, credit cards, and e-payments.


Haidilao Marina Bay Sands is a great place to enjoy a delicious and affordable hot pot meal. The restaurant has a wide variety of food and amenities to choose from, and it is a popular spot for both families and groups of friends. Diners can choose their own ingredients and customize their dipping sauce. Haidilao also offers a variety of snacks and desserts.