Haidilao At Northpoint City, Singapore

Hello, Chinese food enthusiasts! Welcome to Haidilao, located at 930 Yishun Ave 2 in Singapore, is a popular gathering place for families and friends, with seating for more than 100 people. Allow yourself to relax in its welcoming atmosphere as you enjoy a wide variety of dishes that ensure an enjoyable culinary adventure for everyone.


Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao Wisma Atria include:

Signature Mala Hot Pot

This is a spicy hot pot soup made with chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and other spices.

Chicken with Cumin

This is a popular choice for those who prefer chicken. The chicken is marinated in cumin and other spices, giving it a delicious flavor.

US Wagyu Beef

This is a premium beef that is known for its tenderness and flavor. It is a great choice for those who want to splurge.

Wagyu Beef

In the hot pot broth, this premium beef is thinly sliced and cooked to perfection.

Tofu Skin

This thin and delicate tofu skin is a popular hot pot ingredient, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Haidilao At Northpoint City, Singapore


930 Yishun Ave 2 , #B1-179,180 &191 to 193, Singapore 769098

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 4:00 AM)

Jun Wen TanJun Wen Tan
15:32 27 Mar 24
Went for supper at the location. Nice atmosphere and less crowd. Was served by a good looking staff zhikai who was very friendly and attentive. Kudos to his customer service!
Li ChingLi Ching
13:18 27 Mar 24
Today's soup was abit disappointing thanks to yongkit he was kind to replace and make it right
17:28 25 Mar 24
The little brother is very enthusiastic!
basil chuabasil chua
17:15 25 Mar 24
Staff was really nice and cheerful, food was good
Kenneth CoveKenneth Cove
13:57 24 Mar 24
✨ IMPECCABLE SERVICE ✨We have been served by Haidilao staff Zheng Yi a few times whilst dining in Northpoint branch of Haidilao, and each time, my family and I always enjoyed the energy and zest he brings to the table.I'm sure everyone are no stranger to the good services at Haidilao, but the experiences differ with different staffs. Zheng Yi, in particular, was very polite with his introduction and was attentive at meeting our needs at every point. Aside from that, he delivered performances at various tables despite the busyness, entertaining the guests. Bonus brownie points as he heard us mentioning that our mum's birthday was approaching (even though none of us requested for a birthday special) and surprised our table with 2 viral dances and a cake. My family were delighted after a hearty meal, ending off our HDL experience with a Bian Lian master (Face-changing) as well as some goodies to take home with. 🎭Overall, I've been to a few HDL, but this branch takes the cake for being my favourite of the lot. Highly recommend! 😁🙌🏻✨🖤
Keira LiuKeira Liu
15:14 05 Mar 24
The waiter at our table, Wang he die, was really great! ! The service is good! Also got Swift’s photocard! ! ! Love it!
15:14 05 Mar 24
Isotta TaoIsotta Tao
15:14 05 Mar 24
Wang Hedie’s service attitude is very good. He also gave me Taylor’s card.
willy teowilly teo
18:00 03 Mar 24
sHerLin siahsHerLin siah
17:10 02 Mar 24
Good services even though is late night. Especially the waitress 唐学梅,very good service.
Rianne BangRianne Bang
07:41 16 Feb 24
Wang He Die service is very good!
rach brach b
07:40 16 Feb 24
my server Wang He Die was so friendly and helpful offering to clear our dishes and add on our soup. she also heeded to my every request with great hospitality and service☺️ was an enjoyable first experience at hai di lao!
Rose TanRose Tan
07:39 16 Feb 24
Wang He Die service very good 😸
06:37 16 Feb 24
service by wanhedie was excellent. made us all felt welcomed and was very attentive to all our needs. thank you! 🙂
Jia JingJia Jing
06:37 16 Feb 24
Waitress Wang He Die very kind, nice and interactive. I would come here again 10/10. Food was amazing as well and it was worth the money
Yu Jia OhYu Jia Oh
04:37 26 Jan 24
I have been to different outlets of Hdl so many times but never got once someone offered me manicure services. Yesterday a server (I didn't catch her name but her colleague told me she is 阿素)asked whether I want to do manicure. I was delighted of course and she helped me to book a slot. 阿素 was very attentive to us, kept refilling our soups and drinks and even gave my mum a cushion to lean on. Again, this really warmed my heart. I ate a little and about 15 minutes later a beautiful lady 郑郭花 who is the manicurist walked in and asked whether I would like to proceed with the manicure first or eat first. I decided to go for the manicure first. I had an enjoyable time chatting with her. She was professional, fast, very friendly and did a really good job. She showed me her own concoction for nail colours and I could feel her passion for her job. I casually went into hdl for lunch and didn't expect to have a free manicure done. I'll be back for sure, because the staff at Hdl Northpoint City never fails to surprise me and make me feel pampered. Thank you for making my day!
Yeekin ChongYeekin Chong
01:45 26 Jan 24
Alvin LimAlvin Lim
13:41 25 Jan 24
I had a fantastic dining experience, thanks to the staff and manager there. special thanks to the meticulous, caring and fast service provided by 唐学梅. Her attention to details, genuine concern for customer satisfaction and going extra mile regardless.Not forgetting to highlight to the team who responded swiftly to our needs, greatly enhanced our visit. Highly recommended
Hock Hwa LauHock Hwa Lau
12:09 25 Jan 24
Miss Pan / 潘氏素渊 is an amazing staff and made our dining experience great!
Danielle KwanDanielle Kwan
06:35 25 Jan 24
Hua hua (花花)is the best manicurist here! She helped me do the latest cateye effect, really nice! She is v experienced !
07:47 07 Jan 24
I didn't ask if I was a member when I came in. I also asked if I wanted an apron. If I was busy, forget it. I didn't help me to stir the foam from the soup base. I couldn't do it even if people were watching me. And when I went in, it was not busy at all, there were no customers. It turned out that after eating, I had to pay. The button in the photo was supposed to call the waiter for the guests, but after pressing it for a long time, no one came, and no one raised their hands. Even if I serve like this, I won’t be able to do it anymore. Any restaurant in JB is better than this one. Finally, I really want to complain about the buttons. JB does not have such a thing, but the waiter will always come. My friend and I doubted whether this kind of thing is for decoration. . . .
loo minzeloo minze
14:01 18 Dec 23
The service provided by the Korean girl is very good and she is very nice 💕
Aeolus SkyAeolus Sky
12:34 18 Dec 23
Good service from Ms.wanghedieFood is fresh, and the soup base (tomato) is well made.
L JadeL Jade
12:33 18 Dec 23
Good service from wang hedie!!
woo hootongwoo hootong
12:29 18 Dec 23
chan yhchan yh
12:29 18 Dec 23
good service from wang hedie
Renee TanRenee Tan
13:13 14 Nov 23
The crew who serve us at Yishun Branch is excellent & observant. He attended to our requests promptly and proactively get the stuff for the kids. The ambience is great & food is fresh. We came on weekday ard 7pm so the waiting time is only about 15 mins.
Xenia XeniaXenia Xenia
05:44 15 Oct 23
Came here after I touched down from an arduous journey because I love HDL's service and wanted to have a brief respite. The team at Northpoint didn't fail to meet my expectations and in fact they went over and above! The staff would occasionally pop by our table and asked if we would like some food item and bring it to us, provided us with tips for having an even more pleasant dining experience and also helped to celebrate our birthday. It was a highly enjoyable experience and I have absolutely no regrets. Look forward to my next trip here!Also would like to give a special shout out to Ms 唐学梅 who helped us to end our experience on an exceptional good note. Constantly letting us know it's part of the service so that we don't feel bad about the overwhelming hospitable treatment. Thank you to the team at Northpoint branch!
06:49 09 Oct 23
Came here for their lunch deal at $39.90Place was clean and service was good. We even had our nails done by Hua hua. She was so attentive and her skills are good! We are so happy with our new nail color! Good job!
Bel xBel x
15:51 28 Sep 23
A regular of this particular branch, service is always top notch no matter the time of day⭐️Special thanks to our lovely server today, Ms Li Mei Zhu! She is attentive and has a knack for reading your mind and materialising next to you with your next wish (all without prompts!) ?Thankyou for helping us dine today, we enjoyed talking to you and wish your daughter the best ?The establishment is kids friendly! Tons of toys and kids meals for your little one, theres even a designated play area for children (with a chiller full of icecream conveniently placed nearby).
Yong Chai YapYong Chai Yap
06:47 09 Sep 23
Went to HDL at north point yesterday with my colleagues for team lunch and had a great experience. I was the first in queue for their gel nail service and was very happy with the results and service by their staff 花花. Had their set lunch and as usual their service, food and atmosphere were fantastic. Only wished that our seats space for 6 pax could be bigger. We hardly had any additional space to put the condiments and had to be very careful. Also had a platinum member special fruit platter and it was great!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening and closing hours of Haidilao Northpoint City?<br />

Haidilao Northpoint City is open from 11am to 11pm daily.

Is Haidilao Northpoint City kid-friendly?<br />

Yes, Haidilao Northpoint City is kid-friendly. The restaurant has a dedicated kids’ play area, and there are also high chairs available.

Do I need to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao Northpoint City?<br />

It is recommended to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao Northpoint City, especially during peak hours. You can make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant.


Haidilao Northpoint City provides an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a delectable and cost-effective hot pot experience. With its extensive menu of delectable dishes and convenient amenities, this restaurant is a popular choice for families and social gatherings. When it comes to satisfying and affordable hot pot meals, Haidilao Northpoint City should be at the top of your list.