Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore

Hi, hot pot lovers! Welcome to Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore, where you can enjoy a luxurious hot pot experience. Our restaurant is located at 103 Irrawaddy Rd, #06-01 to 02 Royal Square, Singapore 329566, making it a convenient option for diners from all over the city. We also offer a variety of wagyu beef and desserts, such as dumplings, spring rolls, and ice cream mochi.


Seating Capacity

Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore has a seating capacity of 220 people, which is divided into two sections: a casual dining area and a more private VIP room. The casual dining area is decorated in a modern and stylish style, with comfortable seating and warm lighting. The VIP room is perfect for groups or special occasions, and it features a more intimate atmosphere.

Popular Items At Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao Wisma Atria include:

Original Mala Hot Pot

Some of the most popular menu items at Haidilao Royal Square Novena include:

Signature Mala Hot Pot

This is a spicy hot pot soup made with chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and other spices.

Prosperity Dumplings

These lucky golden dumplings are a common choice because they are filled with pork and chives.


Haidilao is known for its high-quality beef, which is imported from Australia and New Zealand. Some popular beef items include the wagyu beef, the marbled beef, and the sliced beef.


Haidilao also offers a wide variety of seafood, including fish, shrimp, squid, and crab. Some popular seafood items include the lobster, the fish maw, and the scallops.


Haidilao does not skimp on the vegetables, and they offer a wide variety of fresh and healthy options. Some popular vegetable items include broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms.


Haidilao also offers a variety of noodles, such as udon, ramen, and rice noodles. These noodles can be cooked in the hot pot or served separately.

Dipping sauces

Haidilao offers a variety of dipping sauces, so you can customize your hot pot experience. Some popular dipping sauces include the sesame oil sauce, the chili sauce, and the garlic sauce.

Haidilao Royal Square Novena


103 Irrawaddy Rd, #06-01 to 02 Royal Square, Singapore 329566

Business Hours:

Monday To Sunday (10:30 AM – 4:00 AM)

09:42 17 Mar 24
Thanks to the Chinese guy who hosted me today for helping me manage my time and get my nails done. Later, he was busy and didn't ask for his name. Thanks 🙏
Jia RuiJia Rui
14:19 16 Mar 24
I went to Novena's Haidilao yesterday night, seated at table 29 was served by 罗小兰 towards the end of our meal. I was impressed by her attentiveness as she overheard my conversation with my friend regarding the haidilao membership issues i had and offered help to check for me and explained the terms to me. Really thankful for her help and her service was really good and nice as well. Thank you so much!
Albert TanAlbert Tan
12:30 15 Mar 24
高杰 was our service stuff and he did an excellent job! He was super attentive towards our needs. He was also very approachable and interacted well with our two kids. Thank you 高杰 for the wonderful experience!
angelica hoangelica ho
10:27 15 Mar 24
静雪 gave amazing service and made sure we enjoyed our time here:)yuen ting did an amazing job on making sure we were having the best time and we had everything we need! she was very friendly and kind! definitely recommend this outlet
Ryan HonRyan Hon
05:10 15 Mar 24
Thank you for your warm hospitality from Gao Jie!
Chin Pei ChuahChin Pei Chuah
15:06 24 Feb 24
Worst experience here today. Visited this branch multiple times but never met a waitress who ignore us. The waitress name is 胡欣.We dont even have our spoon for soup. She just said u wait i will bring u the spoon and keep us waiting. When ask her to refill drinks also waited for sometimes. And THIS IS THE FIRST TIME NO ONE TOP UP THE SOUP for us and it almost dried up. Worst things is the waitress came and ask do u need to top up soup when we finished our food. Understand if u are busy but what we observe is that she just walk here and there and pretend to be very busy and she do all the things others table request after us but didnt even want to top up the drinks/soup for us. And also this us first time the waitress didnt clear any empty plate on table.Normally when visit this store will have fruit plate for 金海会员 but she didn’t even offer any fruit/dessert/ice cream and we got faded up with her service and decided to leave.
Cedric ChongCedric Chong
10:44 24 Feb 24
09:10 23 Feb 24
First lunch time visitFirst of all, I greeted the little brother who was very warm and happy to guide the way. He also briefly introduced the location of the store to pick up ingredients. Please take a seat. This small gesture is very polite👍Next, there is the lady who takes our orders and serves us. She serves with a smile and patiently recommends dishes and lunch special packages👍This is very important in guiding customers from the perspective of customers👍The image is dignified and generous. She does not forget to inform customers when changing shifts. This is a The warmth of the family, the service lady at the last shift and the lady at the next table were very attentive and enthusiastic. Thank you to the Haidilao staff for their hard work👍👍👍💕(Seat number: 035 to stay)
nicholas choonicholas choo
15:59 22 Feb 24
my server 胡欢was great throughout the service and was professional and friendly
13:31 20 Feb 24
Hailin's service is very attentive and thoughtful, and the meal is satisfying
Ever TanEver Tan
00:48 07 Feb 24
Chen GeChen Ge
23:51 05 Feb 24
Eunice OngEunice Ong
08:52 05 Feb 24
Love the private room arrangement for my mum birthday celebration. Despite lesser staffs after 10pm, the remaining staff were trying their best to meet up customers requests.
07:15 04 Feb 24
Visited Haidilao Novena for 5 pax on Tues 30 Jan 2024 at about 11.30am. Cindy served us.She greeted us with warm welcome and started guiding us to order our food and served us attentively.I am impressed by her consistent effort given to our table, even as the lunch crowd started to pour in. Throughout the entire session, Cindy continued to check in with us, overlooking our table, refilling our drinks, and giving us assistance in every possible aspect. She is patient and always putting a genuine smile on her face.I am confident that she is an exemplary example to her colleagues, for doing the best customer service and upholding professional standards. Cindy is an asset to any team and i am sure she will continue to serve future customers with such great service and smile again. We will be back to this Haidilao branch thanks to her excellent service.
14:20 27 Jan 24
I was there on 12th Jan midnight for night food, however the service was worst in all my Haidilao visit. One guy was repairing a big glass board in sofa area (I didn’t understand why they wanted to do that while still opening hours ) and I got hurt by passing by the glass edge. The guy apologized but no any action followed, my husband asked the other waitress for wet tissue to sanitize. The waitress who is responsible for our table always forgot our drink orders, and she was asking “reallly, you wanted it now?” When we asked for snacks. Overall other outlets experience is much better than this one.
Wilson ChanWilson Chan
15:27 14 Jan 24
Thank you Hailin for your service, your attitude is very good👍 Our family is very satisfied with the meal, let’s keep up the good work!
Singlish GraceSinglish Grace
13:32 12 Jan 24
Very wonderful experience! And thank you Mei Fong for the cheerful personality and even bring out a baby cot when she saw my daughter is sleeping on my shoulder. Thank you so much! 💓 will definitely visit again.
Cruise BayCruise Bay
11:46 11 Jan 24
Wendy WongWendy Wong
06:45 10 Jan 24
A quiet place that can enjoy the hotpot
Stelle ChiangStelle Chiang
06:13 10 Jan 24
Service is superb. Offered to pack dessert for us to bring hone as we ate quickly to rush fro appointment
Kailin YeKailin Ye
17:05 30 Dec 23
Ronald TanRonald Tan
23:28 29 Dec 23
Always good
Eric LeeEric Lee
11:58 28 Dec 23
Service is impeccable as usual. And food is always just as good whichever outlet you visit! And to the icing on the cake with this outlet is free parking! Major downside is very pricey for a hotpot meal….
06:34 27 Dec 23
Quiet corner suitable for those who prefer a less rowdy space but still wanna indulge in HDL
yingjie wongyingjie wong
15:02 25 Dec 23
Thank you 静雪, we enjoyed our dinner tonight (table 30). Despite the festive season crowd and managing a few tables, You check on us from time to time and took the initiative to change our plates. Thank you once again! Merry Christmas!
Esther PuarEsther Puar
14:37 10 Dec 23
The HDL here is good. Awesome service and attentive friendly staff. Good place for family/friends gatherings. Great place to celebrate birthdays.
Kenji RogersKenji Rogers
14:14 10 Dec 23
Shalini ElanShalini Elan
12:02 10 Dec 23
Excellent service. They go out of their way to ensure you’re enjoying the food and are very attentive. Broths are packed with flavour and have the convenience of requesting for sediment free. Raw ingredients were fresh and sufficient amounts for the prices. The mushroom meatballs were succulent and easy to cook. Dumplings were generously stuffed and served frozen and fresh. We were pleasantly surprised by the desserts. Every single thing tasted good, not stale or tasteless like some buffet desserts and even the coffee was very nice. We were given sweets at the end as well, nice touch. Also complimentary parking (for a certain number of hours) is available upon request.
Stephanie HoStephanie Ho
13:36 08 Dec 23
Staff were friendly and attentive here, got a table within 30mins during dinner time! Keep up the good service ?
Cris RumbleCris Rumble
19:33 03 Dec 23
Was served by Mei Fong. Has been a great experience with exceptional service. Has always been a joy a delight to be here with impeccable happy staff who are so willing to be the best at their game! Kudos!
Sherman TBHSherman TBH
22:27 18 Nov 23
It is a high end hot pot restaurant. I saw lots of birthday celebrations today, as the service is excellent they provide a piece of small cake and fruits for the birthday boy or girl and play a birthday song even the crews will dance for you. The food is fresh and well prepared. The presentation is also clean and neat. With their own soup, it tastes well. Add $4 you can have a free flow of fruits and desserts which includes the chilli mix. If you order the home made noodles, they provide a performance in front of your table. The prices are higher but it is a great experience.
Dan MoroghDan Morogh
15:09 14 Nov 23
Crowded and cozy during weekends. The staff is attentive and prompt, and they go out of their way to make sure that you have a great dining experience. The food is also top-notch, with a great range of food choices. The Mala broth is a must-try, but be warned, it can be quite spicy.Overall, this place is a great place to enjoy a hot pot meal with friends and family. The prices are reasonable, and the quality of the food and service is excellent. I
Sophie ChanSophie Chan
04:44 09 Oct 23
We came here multiple times, and never once has the food or service disappointed us. Located in central Singapore, in the heart of Novena, Haidilao boasts an array of hotpot dishes and soup bases, and an incomparable , unique dining experience. With a modern, clean interior and friendly service, this is truly our favourite place to celebrate birthdays or events, or just for a relaxed weekend lunch or dinner. For my most recent visit, Mery 正梅 was an incredible waitress, with a sincere courteous smile that never left her face. She helped us throughout our meal and was extremely friendly !!! Her service was definitely commendable. We’ll be back soon without a doubt
Kate IKate I
00:51 19 Sep 23
Always love our dining experience here even their price point is a bit high… their service is always amazing and they always makes my kids happy. They provide toys for them to make them occupied ? my son is so happy celebrating his birthday here yesterday! Thank you ?? btw, we always order their chicken soup broth & the tomato soup so yummy ?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening hours of Haidilao Royal Square Novena?

Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore is open from 11am to 10:30PM daily.

Do I need to make a reservation to eat at Haidilao Royal Square Novena?

It is recommended to make a reservation at Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore, especially during peak hours. You can make a reservation online or by calling the restaurant.

Is there a vegetarian menu available at Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore?

Yes, Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore has a vegetarian menu that includes a variety of dishes, such as the vegetable hot pot and the tofu dumplings.

What are the prices like at Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore?

The prices at Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore are moderate. The hot pot starts at around SGD25 per person, and the snacks and desserts start at around SGD5 per item.

Final Thoughts

Haidilao Royal Square Novena Singapore is a great option for diners looking for a delicious and luxurious hot pot experience. The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and its casual and stylish atmosphere makes it a perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family.